At The Movies?

So…on Monday…Den and I went to the movies to see Justice League…it was fun…it was fun watching the battles and it was fun listening to Ben Afleck’s weird Batman voice. Aquaman was a new character and infinitely fun to watch as he literally flew through oceans and also caught fish for hungry people.  Wonder Woman was fun to watch because almost everything bounces off of her bracelets and her ropey thing makes everyone tell the truth.  Flash was a new character who kind of bumbled along at first.  And there was another strange character that we never quite figured out or caught the name of.  The really bad guy was Steppenwolf.  He wanted to kill everyone because I think he had issues with his mother.  Anyway…although this movie was fun to watch…Den and I were quiet on the way home because there was nothing much to talk about with this movie other than neither one of us could figure out if Steppenwolf was real or computer generated.  Plus Den loved that Aquaman attended his alma mater…CSU.

But…what does it matter as long as the movie entertained us?  And…it did!  And for some odd reason…I have a minor crush on Aquaman but it’s ok because Den has a minor crush on Wonder Woman!  We are even!  Aquaman is going to have his own movie in 2018!


I am almost finished with Anatomy Of A Scandal and it just continues to get better and better.  It’s pretty much about the trial of a married politician accused of raping the young woman in his office whom he had the affair with.  There are underlying past relationships that could seriously affect the trial. A key attorney is hiding things…serious things.  The affair lasted for 6 months.  The politician is being accused of rape just as the affair ended.  The politician’s wife is literally falling apart as the trial goes on.


We will be at home tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  The drive to my sister Paula’s house was just a little too long for me right now.  Den and I are working together to make Thanksgiving dinner.  I admire everyone who is cooking for tons of people…cooking for two is already exhausting me.  Stamina…it is still elusive…I want it back now!  I should be drinking more bone broth…yum!  But it was easy to order a yummy pie from our Farmer’s Market and prechopped onions and celery from Weggieman’s…I just need to emulate my sister Paula’s stuffing.

Why does quirky appeal to me?  I love these boots that I found at Free People!


Happy Thanksgiving!



Roxie loves playing “Pat the kitty”…Lucy…not so much!






13 thoughts on “At The Movies?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I like the sound of your cozy Thanksgiving. I’ll be joining my daughter at the home of her in-laws…some of them are really fun, and others…well, a little stuffy. But the food and wine are good (I’m bringing some of the wine…nobody ever expects me to cook! lol).

    I just got my copy of Anatomy of a Scandal. I will probably read it a little closer to release day, as I like waiting until I can post my review at the same time. I’m funny like that.

    I do love those boots!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. McGuffy's Reader says:

    Good to see you out having fun! I just got new boots. My 25-year-old Timberland hiking boots that still look almost new are not as warm as they once were. I need warm when I shovel snow! Bill got the men’s version of my old Timberland! But, they did not have it for women! I am crushed! Happy Thanksgiving! HUGS!!


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    Carl would probably like that movie but I wouldn’t. 😦

    I want Anatomy of a Scandal – it sounds like it could be true.

    I love some of those boots but pretty much just stick with Vaneli shoes now because I know they’ll fit me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Den!


  4. Stefanie says:

    Those fleece lined boots look so cozy. Yeah, Aquaman is hot! Loved Wonder Woman of course. Flash was hilarious, like a kid in the candy store. I would totally act like him if I met real super heroes.


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