What A Wednesday!

It is so cold here…all I want to do is make soup…this one from The Kitchn or a pasta casserole dish like this from Half Baked Harvest or just pasta from Food & Wine.

I had my appointment and nothing much is different other than that freaky CA 125 number and doing it all over again in 6 weeks and most likely a scan then, too.  Sigh!  But again…that’s my new normal.  I have to be ok with that!

I finished this book…and loved it and I am really loving the ginger book…it’s not Christmassy and in fact it’s about a spice shop owner in yet another small town but it’s been really fun.

Last night the winds howled all night long bringing in the cold front that hit us hard this morning…we went from balmy to freezing in no time at all!  But I got to wear my new faux furry head thingy…



Den and I were exhausted after my appointment!  We zipped to Pier 1 for Christmas tree scent and bought ornaments and mugs and a big red truck!  We need nothing but it’s our tradition!  You can pop the tree off of the truck and store goodies inside!

We are supposed to get snow tonight!

Have an awesome evening!



20 thoughts on “What A Wednesday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    If the news brought nothing alarming, and all is pretty much the same, you can hold onto the good.

    Pier I is a fun place…I haven’t been in a while, even though there is a store right around the corner from my home.

    The food looks yummy, as usual. Enjoy! I love that fur thing.

    Have a cozy evening.


  2. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    I am in a soup or stew mood too. I don’t want to make it though- I want someone else to make it for me. Too tired each day when I get home from school!

    Your hat does look cozy!

    Glad your appointment went well. It sounds like CA 125 is still quirky- but maybe consistently quirky?

    Hope you stay warm. It is freezing here!


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    I hate that your number is still up but feel good the doctor will know what to do about it.

    We had the winds and a really cold morning too. It was 27 degrees when I ran this morning.

    I love your furry headband thing.


  4. Mary says:

    I’m glad the appointment is behind you. LOVE the red truck – may have to look for that. There’s a Pier One about a mile from my house. I also love the faux fur hat – so you!


  5. lakesidemusing says:

    Another appointment with nothing horrible, yet the worry persists. It sounds like you are focusing on the nothing horrible part and trying to enjoy the season. Pier 1 is a fun place to do it! We haven’t bought any new decorations this year, but still enjoy shopping there 🙂


  6. Ti says:

    I don’t think I could wear that hat thingy on my head. I do not have a good head for those things.

    I remember you talking about that Christmas tree scent from Pier 1 but when I went to see what it smelled like, they didn’t have any.


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