It seems as though all we are doing lately is changing our schedules around and waiting for things…appliances, services, deliveries…we are just in extreme wait mode!  Today we are waiting for Den’s chair to be delivered from Ethan Allen…we call it Den’s chair because when we are in the family room he usually sits in a chair and ottoman while I sprawl out on the sofa.  It’s what we do!

And then there is the missing study furniture.  We have been waiting for that since September only to find out yesterday that the manufacturer stopped making the desk.  So now we have no study furniture.  The worst part is that Den took his study apart…we put his old desk in another room…it’s actually mine now and everything else that was in his study is in bins and boxes.  Den was so excited with his new stuff…and now it’s unavailable!   So…we are doing what we should have done in the first place…going to Lancaster to look at pieces from skilled Amish craftsmen.  Poor Den!  He is so organized that this bins and boxes things is making him crazy.  We only took his office apart because the furniture people said his stuff was on the way!  Thank goodness we can close the door to the study and forget about it…for now.

Finished this…it was a relaxing cozy mystery.  Great writing…fun characters…one dog who didn’t really do anything except be a dog…refreshing!


What I am reading next…no clue…I may be getting over my yen for holiday cozy mysteries…

It is snowing!  It’s beautiful!  It’s white! It’s sort of fun to not have to go anywhere in it!  I tried to catch the snow in this photo but I guess it didn’t work.


I decided to check out my Santas for different Santa faces…and I totally forgot about my snowmen, too!   That background red chair is gone…there is a gray chair there now.

Roxie has the right idea!


I am thinking about cookies…but different ones…ones that are out of the ordinary.  These are from Chef Dorie Greenspan and the recipes are all at the Kitchn.  The ones on the bottom are blondies and she makes these in a muffin pan!

Have a fun long weekend!

Be back Monday!



14 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    So sorry about the study furniture! That would drive me crazy, too.

    I actually love that snowy photo taken through the screen.

    Ginger Snapped looks very tempting…and so do those cookies. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. June says:

    I tell you, your home is like a winter wonderland!! Absolutely fascinating! You guys are always renovating and making changes. Each version always looks perfect to me, but I’m always interested in seeing what’s coming next! Cheers♡


  3. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    So sorry to hear about Den’s office furniture. That would make me go crazy too! I hope you find something perfect when you look at the Amish pieces. 🙂

    I love snowmen! That fuzzy one looks adorable.

    Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm. 🙂


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