What A Week?

When it’s freezing cold out…especially the first week of freezing cold temps…I yearn to stay in.  That’s exactly what we did this week…our week was low key…really low key…it couldn’t be more low key.  Weird things happened, too…Den’s computer stopped working.  Three pairs of Uggs booties were delivered here…only one was actually ordered.  Lucy was locked in a bedroom for an hour…we could not find her anywhere.  The reason she was locked in was because we have clothes in every closet in our house…Den went into a guest room to get “church” pants…for an early Mass…Lucy followed him in…Roxie and I fell asleep and did not hear her cries, howls, yowls and we are lucky nothing bad happened!  She didn’t get out until Den got home over an hour later!  By then she was a very irate kitty…


Tomato Pudding?

No clue what this was until we saw someone order it as a side on a Bravo show.  Along with Mac And Cheese.

Research led me to these…

In Pennsylvania Mac And Cheese is always presented with Stewed Tomatoes on the side…we have come to love this combination…so I am going to try this soon!  I am not sure about all of that sugar, though.  I may cut it in half.

So…Den is out on another quest.  He is determined to get Lettie’s Fried Chicken for dinner.  He is bundled up and braced for the cold…and on a chicken run!


Book business…

Here is what I don’t have…a list of my fave books, a fave word, a special book chosen just for 2018…nor do I have any resolutions or revolutions.  I just want to be healthy…read what I want…and push myself more rather than falling back on my “ I just had chemo I am so tired” cry.  In other words I hope to “man up”…I still love my blog…I still love what I read…I still don’t mind reviewing.  But I need to do it all my way.  I don’t really do well with Challenges or other blog stuff…I admire the people who enjoy them…but they are not for me…Heck…I can’t even stick to a pattern on my blog…but I am ok with that…I am hoping that you love me enough to put up with me.  I need you!

What I am reading now and it is soooooo delicious….but I know it’s not going to end well…at all!  Lie With Me…I think it’s a French translation and a big hot book in Europe…my copy came from the lovely publisher and NetGalley.   Note the link!

Some new books for this new year…I may have posted some of these earlier because of course I don’t keep track…my bad!

Apparently some friends of mine from Kindergarten posted this photo of us in First Grade!  Where’s Patty?  Aren’t those boys in the front so cute?   Louie, Jimmy, Nat and Billy!  Look at the little dude in the suit in the back row!  My friend Mary Jo…whose mom died…is in the middle row next to Ann McGeary…the girl with glasses who was our next door neighbor…I loved her!


Have a happy happy  rest of the week and a lovely start to the year!

Oh…I couldn’t resist so I bought the newest Kindle Oasis for me and gave Den my older Oasis.  So far it’s incredible…bigger, better, more book like.   I love technology!

I love my cover!




18 thoughts on “What A Week?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I loved Then She Was Gone…and enjoyed A Dangerous Crossing. Lie with Me is on my list. Can’t wait!

    What else does the Oasis do? Is it awesome?

    Which one is Patty?

    Poor Lucy…locked in the room, probably screaming to no avail.

    Enjoy your day…and that chicken does look good.


  2. Mary says:

    I love your Oasis cover too! I have the first Oasis and resisted the new one. You really like it a lot more?
    I really want to read the new Karen White. And now I’m curious about Lie With Me.
    I hope Den came home with chicken!
    Oh, where are you in the pic? Second row?


  3. McGuffy's Reader says:

    Well, which girl with glasses is YOU? Second row from top or bottom?? Such a cute picture!

    We have locked cats up in our big closet. Actually, Bill was the one who did it and did not notice it. I would hear little meows or tapping. No harm done, just temporarily hurt feelings. They would be so happy to get out, that all was quickly forgiven.

    The books look interesting. Especially, “Lie with Me”, “Run, Hide, Fight Back”, and “A Whisper of Bones”. Stay warm and well. HUGS!


  4. Shirley Cantriel says:

    Cats are so quick to go by and you don’t see them. Mine gets trapped in my closet quite frequently. You are so cute Patty in your grade school picture. The tomato pudding sounds a little like stewed tomatoes. I’m from north of Pittsburgh and we always ate stewed tomatoes with torn up bread and add a little sugar. Gosh, I have not done that for a long time.


  5. lakesidemusing says:

    The class photo is so cute… and so are you!! I have kindle voyage and haven’t really looked into the oasis – I’m afraid I’ll want it! Poor Lucy locked in the bedroom. I hope she has recovered.


  6. BermudaOnion says:

    We love mac and cheese and stewed tomatoes down south too. As a matter of fact, we consider mac and cheese a veggie. lol

    It’s cold here too and I’ve been doing a lot of whining about it.


  7. Kathryn says:

    Hey this is your blog – you do on it what makes you happy! Poor Lucy being locked in, at least it wasn’t too long, unless the priest gave a long homily! Ours is good so don’t have to worry.


  8. Stefanie says:

    No wonder…Barefoot Contessa’s Mac ‘n Cheese recipe has slices of tomatoes on top. I always skip that part as the little would be very upset to see them touching her favorite pasta like that.


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