There’s Blustery…And Then There Is Really Really Blustery…We Have Both!

I literally can’t see straight.  I had an incredible…literally amazing…post written…one that would have garnered me tons of commentors…literally.  I was funny, charming, clever…literally.  And I also wrote a sort of quirky couple of sentences about the way I over use the word literally…very clever stuff…and it all disappeared…literally…you have to trust me on this one.  It’s Gone Girl Gone.  I searched everywhere but some bug on WP ate it up and forgot to spit it out.  Literally.   This is why my feelings for WP change…and not for the good…on any given day.  How can a post filled with words and pictures just disappear?  Well…mine did just that and I am sad…as well as mad…grrrr…literally!

I finished this book.  It was intense, well written, and totally pertinent to what is happening in our world today.  Rich girl Lauren and middle class girl Megan meet at their private women’s college.  Their friendship is tight but Megan starts it off with lies about her middle class Midwest upbringing.  Rather than share her sweet town and family life she spews stories about trailer parks and chained link fences.  Megan doesn’t even know why she started this.  Lauren…on the other hand hails from a public, wealthy political family.  Her mom will pay off anyone who threatens the family.  The book alternates voices and time frames and of course there is a huge political scandal lurking from a summer Megan spent with Lauren on the Family Island.  I loved this book…kind of hard to put it down…this author wrote The Drowning Girls…I want to read that soon.


So…in an effort to figure out why my Oasis battery is draining faster than I think it should I turned off my Oasis WiFi last night.  I also didn’t download these so I was at a loss for something to read and I didn’t have my PW and whatever…I said I was going to choose from these and I didn’t…

I randomly chose this one…and it’s so good!  Middle of the night can’t put down deliciously mean girl good!  I am loving it!


This blustery day cries out for hot tea and an incredible book!  It’s bone chilling cold!

I am making this for dinner…from the Kitchn…the cabbage gets all sweet and warm and a little bit of bacon sweetens the pot!  I am either making roasted potatoes with it or noodles but I think we are doing the potatoes…also from the Kitchn…three ingredients…olive oil, Dijon mustard and salt and pepper! Yum!

Stay warm if you need to!



15 thoughts on “There’s Blustery…And Then There Is Really Really Blustery…We Have Both!

  1. LisaD says:

    I really, really liked The Girl I Used To Know. It’s a bit out of my normal reading but Faith had contacted me and asked me to read it and I’m so glad I did! Enjoy the soup. Sorry about WP – it’s….charmingly quirky?


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I’ve never had that happen on WP, and I’ve been enjoying it since 2009. Better luck next time! Maybe you should copy and paste your posts on a Word doc.

    I have pre-ordered Here We Lie.

    Yummy food!


  3. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Your dinner looks tasty. It is very chilly and blustery here. Brrr. I have to go back out and shovel a path on our deck and down our front steps (my husband is at work and will luckily snow blow the rest at some point). But- I am dreading bundling up and going out there. Have soup and tea or coffee for when I get back in. 🙂

    Stay warm!


  4. Mary says:

    I wonder what’s up with your Oasis. Might be worth a call to amazon customer service. Sorry about the lost post. That’s happened to most of us, I think. Glad you’re enjoying your books though. Stay warm.


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