I Am In Love!

Ok…so…what has cute little red knobs…will fit on my counter…and will make my life…and Den’s easier?  Plus…I have never ever had one of these before…neither has Den…and I really want one…Den really wants one, too.

Guesses?  Anyone?  Yeah!

Everyone got it right!  Yahoo!  It’s a Wolf Toaster Oven!

Now I just need Williams Sonoma to get their act together and get it for me because I want it now!

I am imagining cinnamon toast…the kind my mom would make us where you butter the bread and put cinnamon sugar on it and put it in the oven!  Oh my word!  I am sure that there are other uses for a toaster oven but right now all I can think of is cinnamon toast.  My mom kept a special little jar of cinnamon sugar mixed together but she had to make it for us because it was made in the Big Oven.   Reheating Pizza?


Almost finished with this book…it’s sort of a sleeper but has become really good.  The two best friends…Megan and Lauren are from opposite sites of the social spectrum plus Lauren’s father is a Senator…I am just now getting to the really good parts and it  really is pertinent to what is happening to certain women today.


I am off to make cinnamon toast in my big oven just so I will appreciate cinnamon toast in my baby Wolf Toaster Oven!



16 thoughts on “I Am In Love!

  1. Mary says:

    We have a Breville but put it away when we bought our double oven range. Toaster ovens are wonderful though if you have space on your counters. Now I want some cinnamon toast (with Kerrygold butter).


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