Mixed Up Days?

I know this is Tuesday but it has such a Wednesday feel to it.  Den is tearing through the house cleaning…I am not asking questions…I dusted…I organized…I planked for 13 seconds because someone on the Today Show said you should plank every morning as soon as you get up…Den says the ideal time is 35 seconds but I couldn’t make it past 13…planking explained here!  We just froze all of that delicious Weggieman’s Chocolate Cake…sigh!  We are trying a different workout routine today…working out in the late afternoon…mostly because it’s too freaky freezing cold to work out in the early morning!


I have settled in with two books…and I am enjoying both.  Here We Lie is really intense…a rich privileged girl meets a poor unprivileged girl at a private women’s college…something bad is about to happen and their lives are entwined forever until the reveal.  Ok…I seriously love books like this.

OMG…The Girl Who Drank The Moon is just a Middle Grade Mesmerizer.  I try to balance out my Kindle Oasis ebook with a real book.  I need a real book while I am charging my Oasis.  I just learned that I charge my Oasis too much…I need to let the battery totally empty before charging it.  I tend to freak out if it’s half charged.  How could I ever be without an uncharged Kindle?  Have I mentioned just how much I love my newest Kindle Oasis?

Anyway…The Girl…is about a village who has to leave a baby in a forest as an offering for a Witch every year.  What they don’t know is that the Witch is kind and delivers these babies to families on the other side of this huge forest.  Until one year when she keeps the baby.  I love this book.  So far it is simply beautiful.  The bad guy is really bad and Xan…the Witch…is really good.

This morning The Book Page posted this…I linked to it just in case you need more books!  At least I hope I linked to it…linking from my WP iPad app is still wonky!

Posted by Cat, Deputy Editor on January 02, 2018

Side note…

I have been looking for a quilted 3/4 coat for forever!  A simple quilted coat that I can toss on without even thinking about it.  I finally…after years of searching…found one…I hope…I will let you know if it works.   Notice this is not a 3/4 coat…I compromised.  Sadly…


Have an awesome day!



12 thoughts on “Mixed Up Days?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Count me out on that planking…if I get down in that position, I will never get up again! lol

    Here We Lie is tempting me.

    I don’t think I’ve had a coat in years. It doesn’t get that cold here usually, so I have many sweaters, some heavier than others. Layering is the thing. Of course, I might have to get one for when I travel to the East Coast again someday…I’m wishing.

    Enjoy your day, and I’m with you on how mixed up the day feels. It was the holiday that messed us up, I’m sure.

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    • Patty Magyar says:

      Not sure but they only showed bent arm ones…I would really have to build up to straight arm ones…but you are a force of nature so you probably do one arm ones! Most of my coats are long and I don’t know how that even happened!


  2. Mary says:

    I should give planking a try again – and get back to yoga. I kind of miss it. Hmmm.
    The past two weeks I never know what day it is. I think because the holidays fell on Monday. Next week we’re back to normal.
    I hope the coat works out for you. I totally understand because I live in the cold zone too.

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  3. Stefanie says:

    I didn’t know that about planking. I will try it. Didn’t know that about the Kindle too. What happened when you overcharged it? I will try letting my Paperwhite battery go lower next time.


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