We Are Waiting…

We are tucked inside just waiting for a wintry mix to hit us!  Sleet, rain, icy conditions…yep…all of these are coming our way.  We cleaned today…Den did more…of course…but he’s bigger.  We mailed back to Sundance two very cool shirts and one neat pair of buttery corduroy tennies that I bought Den for Christmas…they were his size and yet unbelievably small.  Now we just have to zip to Nordstrom’s to take back my three pair of Uggs Booties…the same Uggs Booties…one pair they didn’t even charge us for!  Seriously?  Nordstrom’s has no clue how this happened.


I am really enjoying this book…Mrs. H. Is a crime solving cook in the 1800’s…her helper has just been brutally murdered and she wants to find out who did it.  I love the writing and I love the era and I love the food descriptions!  This book reminds me of that series Upstairs Downstairs…Mrs. H. Is forever roasting joints of meat and making puddings.  Putting out cups of tea and baking breads.  And solving crimes.  She has a secret that hasn’t been revealed yet and it’s making me crazy.  But I am still  at the beginning of the book.



A few new books…these came in one surprise package from Edelweiss and their publishers.

Our dinner is ready…two yummy salads are prepped and in the refrigerator and Turkey Sloppy Joe’s are in the slow cooker.  I don’t think we can eat both.   The salad is from Food & Wine…the Turkey Sloppy Joe’s are from  a blog called Chelsea’s Messy Apron…I have made these before and they are amazing!

Accidents are starting to happen so the roads are really getting slippy, slidey and sloppy!  This is near us!  Yikes! H




20 thoughts on “We Are Waiting…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Are you rubbing my nose in your Edelweiss package? LOL

    The books look good, despite my issues with Edelweiss…and now I am hungry for both the salad and the Sloppy Joes…

    Those roads are scary! Stay home and stay safe…and warm.


  2. Greg says:

    I want to read Death Below Stairs, I haven’t read a proper country house mystery in a while and I keep seeing good reviews for that one. Sounds great (and so does the food)! Speaking of which, those turkey sloppy joes look delish.

    Hope the winter conditions aren’t too bad. I’m about over winter at this point…

    Have a great week! (hopping over from It’s Monday What Are You reading)


  3. Ti says:

    The roads are a mess by me and all of the burn areas are in a state of evacuation due to mud slides. On my way in the hillsides were okay but there were lots of rocks in the road. I HATE when those lacking IQ points fly by at 80 mph and kick back large rocks at my car! Not cool. I have words for them.


  4. Stefanie says:

    Oh boy, I swear ppl drive crazier when the weather is wet. Buying online can be deceiving. I always check their sizing charts and compare it to brands I usually wear. I’m making the Costco run today. We are in desperate need for food.


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