After The Storm…


It is so much warmer today…I woke up with Lucy sleeping on my pillow and Roxie sleeping under the covers as close to me as possible!  I know what they did last night or rather early morning…they both just hopped into our bed and put themselves where they wanted to be.  I couldn’t move but was able to sleep so peacefully…I think they knew I needed them to sleep soundly…and the three of us didn’t open our eyes until 8 ish!  They only moved because I moved!  Spoiled little kitty divas!  But Lucy is doing so well…I just am thankful for every day with her.  Roxie seems to be turning into Top Kitty! Lucy seems content to let her run around and be goofy and be the dominant cat.  If Roxie doesn’t like something that Lucy does…she will let her know!  But Lucy seems to have more patience or else she just doesn’t care how crazy Roxie can be.   4B8ACACC-CE6D-4D56-A700-2313BBD14F7F

I love this book…there are plenty of secrets about both Mrs. Holloway…the cook…and Daniel…her mysterious friend.   Mrs. Holloway and her knives…kind of scary…she guards them the way the chefs do on TopChef!  Death Below Stairs is listed as the first book in this series but A Soupçon Of Poison is a prequel to it.  I think the prequel explains some of the unexplained things in Death Below Stairs…this is definitely a series I am interested in.  It’s nice easy reading…it’s what I needed after Best Day Ever…whew!

I was so proud of me for starting my scarf…it uses big jumbo size 19 needles…they seriously look like a rolling pin…but although I knitted 5 rows I have to unravel it…I knitted one and pearled one but I have to knit a row and pearl a row.  I consulted with my two knitting experts…my sister Paula and my blogger friend Stephanie.  They both explained stuff and sent me YouTube videos so…I think I got it now!  Hopefully?


These books intrigue me…part of it…the covers…I have the second one for a review but I want to read the first one first…it’s my usual read books in order dilemma!  The covers are beautiful and just draw me in…they are German translations…I seem to be reading lots of translations lately.  In the Book Jumper the main character can jump into the actual stories in the book…and actually bring things back with her.  In the Forgotten Book…an old book gives a school girl power…much more power than she should have.  I think in this case I could read The Forgotten Book first.


Have a great day…






16 thoughts on “After The Storm…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love pretty scarves! I tried to knit back in the day, but putting the seams together was my downfall. I might have done okay with a scarf.

    Enjoy your books! They don’t call to me, but that’s okay.

    I always enjoy the antics of your little divas. Have a great day!


  2. Kathryn says:

    I put in a reserve at my library for Death Below Stairs after being on your blog yesterday. The book is still on order, but at least I am in line to read it! The scarf looks like it will be so warm, great to have experts to consult.


  3. Mary says:

    Ah, winter! Kitties to keep you cozy and a fun scarf to knit.
    I didn’t know about the prequel Soupçon Of Poison so I’m off to look for that. Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Vicki says:

    It’s warming up where I live too and I’m loving it. Your kitties are adorable! My mom could sew, knit, crochet, etc. anything. I can’t do any of it 😦


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