I Switched It Out…Again!

I am smooth sailing into this book…The Forgotten Book…it’s a little bit of fantasy…a little bit of mean girl…well  probably a lot of fantasy since anything Emma writes in this incredibly old book happens in real life.  Anyway…I am enjoying it so much when I realized I had a library book reserved that I really wanted to read…soooooo…I switched them out!



For this…

So this one is really fast, funny and totally has my interest.  Anyone with kids, any one who taught, anyone who ever was a room mother or PTA Prez…will love this book.  It is clever…the kind of clever I love!  I think the author is related to the Michael Gelman who is on Kelly Ripa’s Morning show.  The best part of this book is reading Class Mom’s emails to all the parents in her son’s kindergarten class.   She literally funny shames them into bringing more than red drinking cups.  Plus…the kindergarten teacher requests wine for every party!  Oh my!


So…we are headed for a ton of rain here.  Den zipped out for these huge turkey club sandwiches for lunch…we split them.  Dinner is either soup or Baked Tacos…but I really want to make this…

Its a Slow Cooker Venitian Ragu Pasta Sauce.  It’s from another food blog I follow called Vinkalinka.


Yesterday when we were out we stopped at Crate and Barrel for these…noodle, soup or salad bowls…but they are big.


And these…AF3317CF-AC7F-401E-9D00-33AEC7D46F61

We spent a good portion of the morning trying to figure out where to put them.  And…the best thing about where we put them is we can actually get to them and find them and use them.  We can even put them back in the same place when we are done!

We succeeded!  Yes!



15 thoughts on “I Switched It Out…Again!

  1. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Both books look good to me!

    We are about to get a ton of rain here. I am hoping it doesn’t rain as much as they say it will- as our gutters are still missing off our house (tree fell on part of our roof in the spring and the repairs are still in progress). The tarp is up though- but without gutters the basement could get some water. Fingers crossed!


  2. Mary says:

    We have similar bowls and use them for salads, pasta, etc. Love them. My everyday dishes are C&B – just the plain white.
    I was a class mom and then got suckered into Home & School pres. I should read that book!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Class Mom sounds like a lot of fun… can’t even imagine (and am probably better off not knowing) how many hours I spent volunteering in classrooms and planning PTA events. The pasta has my mouth watering. Hooray for another food blog to check out!


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