So…Down Comes The Rain…

It was in the 60’s when we woke up this morning…or rather were awakened by the little feet of Roxie walking on us and an outraged yell from Lucy because breakfast was late.  You might think that we could end the kitty disruptions and sleep longer if the kitties were not in our room.  Hmmm.  That in itself is a major undertaking.  If we shut our door and let them roam the rest of the house…they will camp at our door and scream.  If we put them in another comfy room…complete with litter boxes, food, water…all the accoutrements necessary for your average kitty…they would still scream.  So…they stay with us…and Den takes a nap later.  They are not happy unless they are with us.  People think cats are aloof or unfriendly…but Lucy and Roxie are happiest when we are all together!  We can read their body language and I know they can read ours!



I finished Class Mom…and I think I am starting The Dry in addition to The Forgotten Book…Class Mom was clever and fun…The Dry is supposed to be riveting.  I love riveting!

This weekend’s foods…

The pasta is the one I  posted about yesterday…it will simmer in my slow cooker all day…this Yummy Teriyaki Chicken Salad from the Kitchn will be the perfect Sunday lunch and a Pantry Creamy Tomato Soup from Alexandra’s Kitchen with toasted cheese sandwiches will be the perfect Sunday Supper!

According to Den…there are really awesome football games on this weekend!

Go Eagles Go!

Hugs…Have an awesome week end…I will see you on Monday! I just discovered that although I thought I was linking…my links go back to my blog. I have no clue how to fix this. I am so sorry. The blogs are right…the links are wrong! Bad bad WordPress!



20 thoughts on “So…Down Comes The Rain…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Are you still using your iPAD to write your posts? I’ve never had a WP problem while posting from the dashboard using my laptop.

    But…without actually being there, I can’t tell why it isn’t working. I hope you figure it out. I sent you a text.

    Cute kitties at play…love that blanket. I enjoyed The Dry.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Debbie Rodgers @Exurbanis says:

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Dry. Do you post reviews on Amazon? Goodreads? If you do, how can I find you?

    Mild weather hit Nova Scotia overnight too, but the sun is shining. The rain is supposed to come starting this evening, and overnight.

    Great idea for Sunday supper – I think I’ll steal it. Have a great weekend!


  3. Shirley Cantriel says:

    Yes this is an important football weekend. I understand it is too late to try and bar the girls from your room. You would have had to start that when they were babies. My girl never used to make a sound. Now that she is older she cries during the night when she hears me up. I would like her to sleep with me but she will not. If she is near me day or night she expects attention.


    • Patty says:

      I love the slow cooker in the winter! Not for everything but for certain things…there is a rib recipe that we found this year and the ribs made from it in the slowcooker are amazing! I have the chicken ragu in it now and the smell is driving Den crazy!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Mary says:

    I hope to read The Dry one of these days. I woke up to -8 windchill this morning. They’re predicting snow for Sunday/Monday. We’ll see. So far we’ve had very little snow. Just frigid temps. I need to make something in the slowcooker.


  5. Ti says:

    When I had my cat, at some point we did put him out of our room because as he got older he began to be more vocal but you know what? By doing that, he learned to open every single door in the house.


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