So…here’s the thing…I am a lousy waiter.  I can’t read when I wait…I am not sure why…but I can play games on my iPhone OBSESSIVELY…since we had tons of appointments this week I played games…mostly I played this game called doodle pop…OMG…if you ever had Highlights or Jack and Jill magazines when you were little you will love doodle pop. You basically match objects but it is obscenely hard as well as addictive…I read that most people can barely get 10 matches…but they probably aren’t as obsessive as I am…heeheehee!


Then…while I was researching games I came across a game called Hidden Folks.  OMG…so this one is black and white and it’s filled with teeny tiny people and objects and they move and there is a soft sort of background noise and I am OBSESSIVELY addicted to this one, too.  “Hidden Folks, is a searching game like Where’s Waldo, but black & white, animated, interactive…”. And it is so much fun.

I think I had to pay a few dollars for Hidden Folks but doodle pop is free.

Hidden Folks looks like this…but things move!  And you can open things…doors boxes garages and more!  I love this game!  It’s all hand drawn by one artist…I think…and always black and white!  I read that for some reason colorers like this game!





I am reading this book.  It’s good but has me craving Chinese food!  Noodles and dumplings and egg rolls!  Oh My!  I love you St. Martin’s Press…you fill my need for cozy mysteries!


Random info…

I just saw something on TV about how people should eat their “bigger”  meal between 10 and 2…so I just watched Den chow down a huge plate of Barbacoa Taco Meat over black  beans and rice.  He says he is finished with food for the day.  He says except for maybe a little something or other later.  Hmmmm…

Have a great Wednesday!



18 thoughts on “Obsessed?

  1. Mary says:

    Phone games are perfect for the waiting room. I also have a tough time reading a book at that time so I have a few games on my phone. I’m going to look for Doodle Pop and Hidden Folks – so thanks!


  2. Vicki says:

    I usually listen to an audiobook on my iPhone while I’m waiting. I do love games though. I bought each of my kids an ongoing subscription to Highlights when they were kids, and I may have loved them even more than they did. In fact, when they said they were “to old” for them, I missed them so much that I’ve been getting them for myself for a long time. I’m going to look for Doodle Pops and Hidden Folks. That book looks good. I love cozies and Chinese food.


  3. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    I can see why a large midday meal is the way to go. At school I don’t have time for that- but when I do it on the weekends I usually have a smaller meal. Wonder if Den had a smaller dinner that night?

    I have never tried any of those apps. You have me curious!


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