Slip Sliding Away!

Is that another line from a song?

It is icy snowy rainy sleety and messy here today!  We are inside and staying there.

I am sipping tea and reading this…it’s all chocolatey and magical…this sweet little town in North Carolina believes in the magic that comes from a chocolates from a very special chocolate shop.  Penelope…the owner…doesn’t believe in her magical chocolates any more when her small daughter is diagnosed with a serious illness.  There is also a totally swoon worthy leather jacket wearing lost love of Penelope’s who returns to this small town from the big city…hmmm…kind of predictable but it’s still a lovely book!


I have totally abandoned fantasy this week other than this book…which I love.  This is actually a real book and I have it on my nightstand to read when I am tired of ebooks…


Do these covers look similar to you?

Well…now that I look at them side by side…maybe not so much but sort of? I knew I was reading The Hazel Wood but I was looking at summaries of The Wicker King…both titles were in my head and without seeing the actual covers in front of me…I confused them…both are YA and both are popular but other than the covers…so not alike.

Again…a reminder to myself…I should never pre choose what I will read next.  I am a very mood driven reader!

Do you think you are a MOODY reader, too?

I promised Den a soupy soup for dinner…I think I am making this one…This recipe was in the Food Section of the  NYT…it’s all pasta and potatoes and greens…in a rich broth.


Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away!

  1. Debbie Rodgers @Exurbanis says:

    I notice that a lot of covers lately have that same kind of format but those two especially would be easy to confuse. I did that a couple of years ago with two volumes of short stories that came in about the same time. They were completely different (except they were both short stories), had whitish covers and were the same size. I even mixed up the reviews – but thankfully, I caught that before I published them.

    I can be a moody reader but usually, I have library books that have come in and just have to read them so I can get them back before they’re (over)due. Not much choice in the order.

    We’ve had the up & down temps too, and every time the temperature swings, it brings lots of rain or freezing rain or snow. Tonight we’re supposed to be getting another one. I have encouraged Bill to work from home tomorrow. I know I’ll be staying put.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      If you have the luxury of staying put…on an icy snowy day…it’s wonderful. Going out is just too stressful. I almost did that when I was writing about The Hazel Wood and The Wicker King…when I was proofing I realized my error!


  2. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    It is snowing/raining/sleeting here. Haven’t been out- but school was cancelled. I am supposed to tutor two kids after school- but since it was cancelled not sure what will happen (or if I want to go out in the slippery conditions).

    I agree- those covers look like they have a lot in common. I can see how they can be confused.

    Happy reading!


  3. Mary says:

    I’m a mood reader unless I need to read a review book by a certain date. Dreaming in Chocolate – I’m reading it now! It’s easy to put down and pick up. Yep, kind of predictable but I’m ok with that. No one is more surprised than me that I enjoy a good magical realism book.


  4. Ti says:

    Those two cover ARE very similar. I can see why you mistook one for the other.

    Soupy soup sounds so good. I have gluten free mac and cheese for lunch. It’s a pretty good brand and I have tortilla chips and an avocado too. They don’t go with the mac and cheese but it’s termite tenting time and I have to eat the food to get rid of it or bag it up.


  5. BermudaOnion says:

    It’s yucky here today, too, but at least it’s 60 degrees.

    I’m definitely a mood reader and when I force myself to read something I’m not in the mood for, it takes me forever to read it.

    I think those covers do look similar.


  6. DEZMOND says:

    I do adore both books and films set around food, it’s the best combo there ever will be 🙂
    Covers often look similar, there’s a trend of mixing black with gold even at my publisher. I never liked US covers much, foreign ones are usually better for some reason. US ones always have to be aggressive, they have to have blood, knifes, weapon, skulls on them…. not that I’m surprised 😦


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