Friday’s Random Thoughts!

Weeks never seem to zip by to me…I just try to relax into each day.  I think of my days of the week as either comfy or not comfy.  I have a stretch of time without appointments after a stretch of time with appointments.  All appointments unseat me whether they are doctor ones, hair ones, nail ones…I get a touch of stress and anxiety no matter what. Lucy Grace the Kitty had two appointments this week.  I stress over those!  Thank goodness for doodle pop…the world’s best de-stresser!


Last night I woke up at 2:30 ish…wired!  I hate wired!  What is it like to sleep through the night?  I wish I knew…I can fall back to sleep but it’s so irritating!  So I read…this…it’s really good…really really really good.  For some reason I am reading an endless stream of books that take place in small English towns and involve murders…lots and lots of murders!


I just finished this incredible dark fantasy…it was so good, too!


I am about to start this one.  The pages in this book are unique…dark and mangled and weird.


The week end is filled with rain!  So much rain!  It rained all day today…a hard miserable cold rain.  We had an appointment at noon and planned lunch out but after running around in rain Den and I were both out of the mood…home and warmth was all we wanted!

We had a “school” lunch of fish filets and Annie’s Macaroni And Cheese and I promptly sat down to clear email and blog and fell asleep!  I hate naps.,  I rarely take them but Den and I were both out for the count…as were the kitties!

I have no food plans for this week end…maybe chicken soup…maybe this Cabbage Gratin dish…lately I love cabbage…maybe dinner out…it doesn’t matter…the rain just makes us want to stay in…read…and work on that bullet journal!  The more journals I look at the more frustrated I get!  We should be trekking to some place warm for a month…but I am just not ready yet.  The cabbage and egg roll dishes are from The Kitchn but the cookies are from Joy The Baker!


These are from Pinterest and too beautiful for words.  I think I just want to draw and color!  Sigh!


More randomness…I need to make these cookies!  They are loaded!  With everything!  6E46A5E5-CE37-47A4-8189-AED77D9911AB

And even more randomness…this is a deconstructed egg roll…low in calories and fat but it’s rumored to taste just like an egg roll!


Have an awesome week end!




13 thoughts on “Friday’s Random Thoughts!

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    My weeks just fly by. I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night. I fall asleep right away and then wake up a few hours later and stay awake for a while. I’m such a light sleeper, it doesn’t take much to wake me up.

    I love everyone else’s bullet journals but know mine would be a mess.


  2. Ti says:

    No rain here. The talk of a drought is in progress again. I really cannot handle another drought year. We just got everything planted again. I wish, really WISH for rain. I know yours made you cold and damp and sent you home for cover but I so wish we had some of it.

    All of the food you mentioned sounds really good. I have a craving for deli cabbage soup. You know the sweet cabbage soup I am talking about? I could eat pots of that stuff. For lunch today I have leftover Thai food.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I crave cabbage sometimes…roasted, baked, sautéed…ever since chemo certain tastes of mine have changed…I might have told you this before…I crave Heineken beer, spicy foods and now I get carsick…sorry about the rain…we do get tons of it!


  3. Stefanie says:

    I love that birthday reminder page! What is that cookie recipe, Patty. I hope your appointments went well. I’m seeing my doc tomorrow. I’ve been trying to heal my infected toe which gets better with epsom salt soaks but recently it flared up again and the soaks aren’t really helping. I have my annual mammogram Friday that was rescheduled twice due to unforseen events.


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