Skippin’ To Skippack!

I know that I have mentioned that the part of Pennsylvania that I live in is filled with quaint small towns, shops, restaurants, and bistros.  Every 6 weeks we get to go to Skippack to get our hair cut, colored, styled and more…today was Go To Skippack Day…it’s our one hour one minute ride there and our one minute one hour ride back.    We stop for  Green Tea Chai Lattes on the way in and we try to stop for lunch somewhere new on the way back.  Skippack…I love the name Skippack…is filled with shops and eateries!  We love it.  You can pretty much find anything and everything you want in Skippack.


Today we had lunch at Basta Pasta.  It was so good!  From garlic knots to the amazing pasta…we loved it! I love Italian restaurants with red checkered tablecloths and real napkins!  It was perfect!


I am still reading these two books!  They are both so good.  I love Charles Finch books…1850’s…I think a little historical…James the upper class Englishman wants to be a detective.  This is a prequel so this is his beginning and again…it’s just really good!

I should have…would have…could have read more this week but I got side tracked by   BULLET JOURNALS!

Paper, pens, markers, stickers…notebooks…I love them all!  And bullet journals are made with dotted paper or graph paper!  Pinterest is loaded with ideas and so is Etsy!  You can by stencils and tons of other things to make your bullet journal.  I have been watching YouTube videos about them, too.  I don’t know why they appeal to me but they do and I love writing on graph paper.  I borrowed a few ideas from Pinterest.  There are way too many cool ideas for bullet journals…seriously!   They really appeal to me but I have to spend more time figuring these out!

7F6A3743-AE77-433B-AB76-E503283A113BI love these…from But do I love the drawing and coloring?  We shall see!

Do you see yourself ever making a bullet journal?




26 thoughts on “Skippin’ To Skippack!

  1. Peggy says:

    The bullet journals are really cool looking. But I can’t see myself doing it.Knowing me I’d buy all the stuff to do it and then never do it. Skippack looks like a really nice town.


  2. karireadsandwrites says:

    Lovely little town! How nice that you have places like that around you. Your meal looks yummy too.
    I’m intimidated by bullet journaling, but I just coincidentally picked up a little bujo notebook– just a little basic one– yesterday to give it a try. If I like it, I can invest in a good quality one next year. I’m not an artist so won’t be doing all the gorgeous doodling!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      It is a sweet little town and one of many near us. I know what you mean…my head is spinning with thoughts of bullet journaling and the sketching…but it calls to me! Have you watched any videos?


    • Patty Magyar says:

      It was so good…as were the garlic knots that got dipped in peppery olive oil. It is pronounced Skip – pack…Pa has towns with funny names. We love Schwenksville, Toughkamemnon, InterCourse and Phoenixville…


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I’m late coming over…after my errands yesterday, I didn’t feel like turning on the laptop…and visiting with my iPhone was unsatisfactory. I’m not a fan of using devices to read blogs, etc.

    Skippack looks like fun….and I love a good Italian restaurant. I can’t even think of one around my neighborhood that isn’t a chain restaurant.

    Enjoy those bullet journals!


  4. June says:

    Your town sounds so awesome! I love places like that!♡ I’m surprised you’re hesitate about those drawing books. I thought that was your kind of thing! I like the idea of it, but I don’t think I have the patience, though I did consider getting an adult coloring book for myself that I saw. Maybe one day… 🙂


  5. Stefanie says:

    What a cool place. I love all the fun signs and what they say. I have requested The Hazel Wood from the library. I love seeing such artsy BJ’s. I think I’m too anal myself to make one. I’m already sewing and making cards besides knitting. I do not need another hobby.


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