Monday Matters…

Today was a day filled with a hodgepodge of stuff…mostly involving acquiring stuff…I stayed home to work out while Den zipped to Target, Petsmart, and Giant.  We needed a few little things before we get another windy snowstorm on Wednesday.   We lost power a few times on Friday and again on Saturday but only for a few hours.

But it was so cold!  It’s scary how cold a house can get without any heat.  There are neighborhoods around us still without power.  We just noticed that a big pine tree in our way backyard was literally uprooted!  Right out of the ground!


March is a very fickle month here!

So…because of all of the outages I finished two books that I didn’t think I even wanted to finish.

This one…good but way too many juicy sexy bits…I may be turning into a prude.

And this one…which is a kind of odd book for me.  But it was good.  The author has apparently written tons of these.  But…what threw me about this book was the cover.  I had this cover and I hated it.

But there were many other covers…I still didn’t like them.  Thank goodness the book was kind of “tongue in cheek” funny.

So…new books!  Always exciting!  These are from NetGalley.  I have more from Edelweiss but I am saving those for another day…I loved Allison Pearson’s first book…I Don’t Know How She Does It, The Life Of Kate Reddy, Working Mother.  I raved about it to everyone I knew…in a kind of irritating Oprah manner.  It is so hard for me to wait until closer to the publishing date to read and review certain books!  I even had to put a spoiler alert on my Lisa Jewell book because I was overly excited!

I have never had to put a spoiler alert on anything in my life!


My niece Emily’s daughter read Snow and Rose…a book I loved, sent to my sister Paula, who gave it to her daughter Emily, who in turn gave it to her daughter Lily!  Lily used it for a school project and won First Prize.  I love how much use my books get!  The four of us are huge readers…we owe it all to my mom who made me love our library and summer bookmobile.  And gladly brought me iced tea and Windmill cookies while I sat on our glider on our front porch and read my summers away!

Love you, Mom!


Here’s to a nice full mailbox or Kindle this week!



13 thoughts on “Monday Matters…

  1. Stefanie says:

    I love her painting/drawing for her presentation. The leafy letters are so neat and captures the mood. I hope you’re able to keep warm okay when you have no power.


  2. Debbie Rodgers @Exurbanis says:

    Yes, so glad to have a wood stove for backup if the power goes off because, as you say, it can get cold and it can get cold fast.

    I love it when my books can be passed down generations.

    Congratulations to Lily on a job well done. What grade is she in?


  3. DEZZY says:

    In my language we call March Baba Marta, baba meaning an old crone 🙂 because March is as fickle and ebil as an old witch. We had trees uprooted too last week when ice rain fell on top of very wet snow.


  4. Ti says:

    I spent my entire weekend picking up little things so I know how that goes.

    Love that school project at the end of your post. Oh, and you mentioned bookmobiles. They have them for adults here where I live but I never seem to come across one myself.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Lily’s project was sweet. My niece tells me she reads constantly. I love that! Our bookmobile would park at our park…Woodland Park…my House was just a few blocks away but we would bike there and fill our bike baskets with lovely books!


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