Wednesday’s Whims…

So…there are tons of towns near us that still do not have POWER…this would make me crazy…the last time this happened here we packed up both kitties and us and drove to a Marriott in the state closest to us…Delaware…that’s one good thing about living in the tri-state area…lots of states to choose from!  But that’s also the weird thing about living here…you never know which pockets of Pennsylvania will lose power.  A downed tree can kill power for days…we do have a generator but we hate starting it…such a pain!  Right now everything is shut down…schools, etc. and there is no wind…just heavy heavy snow! It’s beautiful though…I think Den ventured outside to take these.



I found this online.  It originally came from a blog called The Kill Zone.  I think I have to try this!

“Grab one of your books (or a book you’re reading) and turn to page 69. Does it grab your interest? Would you buy that book, based on what’s written on page 69?”

Have you ever tried this?  I am sure this has been around but it’s the first time I have seen it!


This is lunch with Roxie.  This is why cat people say Tonks are like two year olds…Den and I were across from each other eating lunch and chatting…Roxie was sitting and listening until she made her move onto the table.

I have so much to read!  I am sure all of us do but I am a book magnet!  I want to read everything!  Fiction, mystery, thriller, fantasy, YA!  There must be some kind of intervention for readers like me?  Hopefully readers like all of us?  Say you are the same way…please!  I have books and ebooks everywhere…I am always charging a device…I read on my Kindle Oasis as well as on my baby iPad…I do not like reading on my regular iPad…I can’t even sleep without my Kindle next to me.  I need to read all of these…sigh!

This was in Sunday’s NYT Book Review…isn’t it perfect!


It’s stopped snowing!




18 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Whims…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have After Anna…and a few other books from NetGalley, with a total of ten unread at the moment.

    As you know, I do not do Edelweiss….and I am happily loving the books I have, along with new ones every week.


    The snow is pretty…but can I say that I love living on the West Coast…despite our really HOT summers?


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I don’t have all of those pictured books…they are the ones I want to read some day. I know…you and Edelweiss are not compatible! But the new Edelweiss is so much better!


  2. Ti says:

    That snow shot, is that from your house?? That looks like miserable pile of wet, cold snow. Today, it is close to 80 but it’s expected to rain by Sunday.

    I am just puttering around at work. I just had lunch and now I am catching up on emails. I cleared out over 4000 emails. I feel so productive.


  3. LisaD says:

    The snow is beautiful. I wish we got more of it here. Losing power does suck, we get that more in the summer here with the coastal storms. Good luck reading all of those. I’m about to give up LOL I’m just so busy I think I’ll never meet my reading goal this year.


  4. DEZZY says:

    OMG you have a swan lake in your backyard???
    We’re kinda used to power shortages, we survived wars and bombings, we were often out of power when USA bombed us for three months day and night back in 1999 and we had rotten food as the fridges weren’t working, no hot water, babies dying in hospitals without power for incubators…. People get used to everything…

    Roxie is such a naughty lady 🙂


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Yes! I do have a Swan Lake in my back yard but it’s more of a Goose Lake…wild geese but one year a random lady left two brilliant white pet geese on our doorstep! We loved them. The military stuff is very sad, Dezzy…very sad.

      Roxie is very naughty!


  5. Kathryn says:

    What a fabulous set of books to be looking forward to. My that is a heavy dump of snow and I can’t even imagine being without power in that kind of weather.


  6. lakesidemusing says:

    So much snow!! Hope some of it has melted by now. We got 29″ from the first nor’easter, but next to nothing from the second. Glad I’m still here in Florida 😉

    Your book covers are so enticing… I’d have a hard time choosing what to read first. My reading came to a halt a few weeks ago. We’ve had visitors almost constantly. One more set to go then back to “just us” and I can get back to blogging and reading!


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