So…Sometimes Friday Is Not A Fun Day…

Reason #1…

When we wake up…the girls…otherwise known as Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue…are most likely already up…or at least Lucy is…Lucy keeps geriatric hours…she wants her “coffee”…er…kitty food…the minute she wakes up…she does not understand waiting…Roxie sleeps like a teenager…she is up late, sleeps late…a kitty after my own heart!  So I sleep, Roxie sleeps and Lucy starts her walking, crying, yelling…she wants her breakfast and she wants it now!  Den finally pulls himself out of bed…goes downstairs…makes coffee…and later brings coffee upstairs to me and Lucy’s breakfast to her…yep…bad habit we started…she gets breakfast in our room.  Now…enter Den’s new toy…a coffee grinder that gives us the full experience of the bean but it takes a while to grind the coffee.  Lucy can’t stand it and gets more and more agitated while Den is in the kitchen prepping.  Lucy’s agitation results in waking up both Roxie and me!  We wake up to Lucy still sitting on the bed…waiting for Den!

We have to come up with a new plan!

This is the cause of our morning agitation!


And so is this…


Reason #2..

Den  and I could not decide what to do today…do we go shopping?  Do we clean today and go shopping tomorrow?  Should we go to Weggieman’s, Trader Joe’s, Wolfe’s Apple Farm?  What do we want for Easter breakfast, Easter dinner, Easter snacks?  So many questions…sigh!

Reason #3…

Easter is always a not so happy time for me…I hate eating chocolate animal shapes,  lots of my relatives died at Easter time and Easter foods remind me of my dad…big juicy hams, Easter Peeps, special breads…I try so hard but this Easter sadness still hits me every year.  Sigh!

Reason #4…

We can’t make any more excuses about Spring Cleaning, yardwork, planting…there is a lot to plan and do.  Double sigh!

Reason # 5…

This is a good one!  You have to make those melting potatoes I posted about yesterday.  You roast them for 15 minutes…flip them…roast them for 15 minutes more…pour in a cup of chicken stock and roast for another last 15 min.  They were so good…Crispy on the outside but mashed potato soft on the inside.  They would be the perfect side for anything!  You do melt some butter and toss them in the butter before all of the roasting starts…again…delicious!  Thank you smitten kitchen!


I am over reasons…now onto books!

Reading these…I think…I adore Alan Bradley books!

Have you seen this?  I want to try making it!  I think it’s from The Kitchn and it’s ketchup leather.  It won’t drip off of a hamburger!


Funny yet sad story…

The  hot new shoe this year has been Allbirds…organic biodegradable comfy!  I just bought a pair for me and a pair for Den…they usually cost about $95…my neighbor bought a pair on eBay for $70…she was so happy and it was a great find!   Before she could wear them her puppy destroyed them!  So sad!  They don’t look like much but they are hot!  The ones I ordered are back ordered.  I was lucky enough to grab them…whew!  Or else I might be battling on eBay, too!  I got the slippy on ones.

Have a happy weekend!


This is truly a family bed!

18 thoughts on “So…Sometimes Friday Is Not A Fun Day…

  1. DEZZY says:

    Sorry to hear you have sad feelings about Easter, I often have the same about Christmas since something always happens here at that time.
    I do love the trends in sneakers designs in last five or six years, they are very sf these days 🙂 I have Adidas Explorers in maroon colour and also Puma Navy Runners.


  2. ElisabethFoodandthrift says:

    Patty, I love your ‘kitty stories’ all the time; especially about Lucy. She reminds me of Prince so much he was always the #1 and always had his ways! I know exactly how you feel about Easter because I lost my dad just a few days before Easter and as for the ‘ham’ memories, we always talk about how we had the best Easter ham tradition every year! Memories is all we have left but they will always stay in our hearts!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank you, Elisabeth, I love your sharing stories, too! Hams in that Youngstown/Cleveland area were so important. And the stuff that went with them! My brother just reminded me of Miller’s Red Horseradish…my dad put it on eggs and kielbasa!


  3. Peggy says:

    Love the morning story! Made me chuckle. Whoever said retirement was the life of leisure was crazy, now we have so many decisions to make about what to do with our days it’s more exhausting than having it all laid out for us when we always got up and went to work🤪. Love the Flavia books and missed it on Netgalley :(.


  4. Mary says:

    I used to use an electric coffee grinder but gave it up. I’m impressed with the manual one. It must do a good job. The shoes look light and comfy!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Den loves this coffee grinder…not sure why…he says it’s sensitive…that’s what those shoes are rumored to be. They come with a guarantee that if you hate them after thirty days…they want you to send them back.


  5. Vicki says:

    I bought an electric coffee grinder years ago to grind flax seeds. I’ve never used it for coffee. I need a new pair of shoes. I’ll check those out.

    Sorry to hear that you’re sad during Easter. That’s tough!


  6. Kathryn says:

    Do you have shopping on Good Friday? Here all the shops are closed so we can’t do that. The morning routine sounds like it is well established. Love the look of the Allbird shoes.


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