It’s Monday…And It’s Snowing?

Sooooo…it’s Monday…it’s snowing…it’s making me lazy.  I want to walk outside but I would need to haul out my Uggs, my mittens and my newly knitted scarf.  It’s overwhelming!

View from our yard…


I bought these shoes in black.  When I can actually wear them is the big question…but the big old bows just called my name!  I think I am in the midst of a big shoe fetish.  When I buy a pair for me I get Den a pair…except for the bow ones…of course!


What I am reading now…I am dabbling among all three of these but now I am all in to The Advice Column Murders…even though I didn’t read the two that came before it…this one is very good…a murder next door and a very investigative/nosy neighbor.  I don’t want a serious book right now.  My spelling of nosy doesn’t look right…

What came from NetGalley…loved the first Vanderbeekers so much!  A big wonderful multiracial family living in NYC…it’s one of my faves…and now there is a second one…yum!  I have to tell you again that I love MG books!  They are so hopeful and forgiving!  Just look at the beautiful cover of The Orphan Band Of Springdale!

What came from Edelweiss…more lovely luscious beautiful books!  I can’t choose just one and I can’t say no so I just pile them on and read as much as I can until this system doesn’t work for me any more…I am not organized, I read what I want, I hate deadlines…I have decided that my blog and my thoughts and my reviews are reasonably BOHO…the way I am.  Sigh!  I love Alex Gray…I want to read Honey Moon quickly and Three Days Missing sounds incredible.

From the bestselling author of The Marriage Lie comes Three Days Missing, a gripping and captivating novel of suspense about two mothers in a race to save a missing child.

How good does that sound?

I still can’t link from WP…I am finished trying to figure it out!  I know the steps but it doesn’t link to the right post…incredibly annoying!

A good thing?

I often think of the stacks of books I would have to deal with if I didn’t love my Kindle Oasis so much.

But this week there was a book in the mail from Random House!  A real book…not sure I remember how to hold a real book…and I can’t tap a word to find the meaning of it…yikes!


Yesterday…Easter Sunday…I can’t deny it’s sadness…when I was little it was one of the happy days when all of my cousins came to our house because my grandmother lived with us.  Her bedroom was so lovely…handmade coverlets and throws and she had a little corner with a statue of Jesus where she would say her prayers every night.  If we we lucky she would let me or my sister Paula spend the night in her room…all snuggled under handmade puffy quilts and throws…she was our baby sitter…and our protector when our mom was upset with us.  Every time she went shopping she would always bring us presents.  My grandmother made yummy big fat donuts and Polish cookies and an awful beet soup that I would never touch.  I claimed her as more mine than any of her other grandchildren.  She belonged to me!   Our town was small and quaint and walkable…she had so many friends.  When she was invited out for coffee or tea I would get to walk her there…I was always armed with a big book and I would sit and read and listen to her talk to her friends…sometimes in Polish…I loved it!  I had goofy hair and big glasses and white ankle sox that fell down into my shoes but all of her friends fed me cookies and clucked about how much I read.  I don’t know if it’s because of cancer I get sad at Easter or it’s just life in general.  I don’t get to see my brothers very much and that’s sad, too.  When my parents were alive we saw everyone all of the time but that time is past.  My mom died on Palm Sunday so nothing about Easter is comforting to me…I just want it over with.  It was dim and dismal yesterday…and snow today…and I think I am talking myself into a slump.  But not to worry…I can and will talk myself out of it…soon.  Sometimes a little sadness is a good thing?  Sigh!

Ok…off to unslump and walk and then read.


22 thoughts on “It’s Monday…And It’s Snowing?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I liked Alternate Side…and since I also enjoy Wendy Corsi Staub, Little Girl Lost is one I’m eyeing.

    So sorry Easter is a sad time, but it’s understandable.

    My maternal grandmother was my favorite…and I was hers. I loved curling up next to her and listening to her stories of growing up in Sweden…and then coming to America when she was only 20.

    I can’t get over snow in April!

    Have a great week.


  2. Ti says:

    I think that weather of yours is contributing to your slumpy feeling too. It’s so gray! Bleh. You need color in your life.

    I know what you mean about holidays being marred by death. My mom passing before Thanksgiving will always leave a mark on that holiday from here on out and as you know, it was always a fave of mine. My dad passed just after Christmas and he was born on Christmas Eve so again, there are feelings.

    I made a ham and have so much of it leftover. I don’t know what I was thinking making a full dinner when the girl is a vegetarian and the boy is not even here. I have a nice sandwich for lunch today but I am going to be completely sick of ham soon. So much left!


    • Patty says:

      Can you freeze it? I am better today but I really was gloomy all week end…I guess we just have to learn to deal with life’s sadnesses! I am trying and thinking of you, too!


  3. Kathryn says:

    Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful treasure, what a wonderful picture you paint of yourself and her. Holiday seasons are not always happy ones for everyone. And our past seasons where family was with us seem so much better. Sadly all part of life. And our heart aches.
    What a lot of books and I like your approach of reading what you like as you feel the desire for it. You keep doing that.


  4. BermudaOnion says:

    I get how you feel about Easter because my dad passed away on December 29 – we knew on Christmas that he wouldn’t last much longer so Christmas is always sad for me now.

    I’ve had a shoe fetish for years!

    Look at all those books!!


  5. Greg says:

    So sorry to hear that Easter is sad for you, but I totally get it. Holidays are hard when they have painful memories like that. And grandparent memories are the best even if it’s so hard when they’re gone…

    Hope you have a good week ahead.

    The Vanderbeekers looks really cute!


  6. Peggy says:

    Borscht, the beet soup! I love it! I have a wonderful recipe for it and my husband doesn’t like it😢. Your grandma sounds wonderful, Patty. Just remember what Easter stands for, the resurrection of Christ. That means we also have eternal life and the separation is only temporary. Next Easter just think of the sweet reunion to come instead of the loss. ❤️


  7. lakesidemusing says:

    That snow is just crazy! My daughter was supposed to fly back to NYC Monday, but her flight got cancelled so she left at 6AM this morning instead. I love reading on my kindle, too, and you have so many great books ahead. Funny you mention the word look-up feature… I am reading an actual book now – Mrs. Osmond by John Banville – and missing the dictionary function SO much. It’s hard when you have sad memories surrounding a particular holiday. When my mom was little, her brother was killed in WWII just before Christmas. They all struggled with the holiday and never really celebrated it again until my aunt (Mom’s older sister) got married and grandchildren came along. Your grandmother sounds like a pretty special lady!


  8. DEZZY says:

    Snow? Meanwhile, it’s close to 30*C here in my backyard at 9am 🙂
    I think Puma has female sneakers in rose, gold and silver with such massive bows instead of lacing 🙂


  9. Stefanie says:

    I’m sorry Easter is a sad and melancholy time for you. I didn’t know there was a ninth Flavia de Luce book! I have to read number eight! How are those Jeffrey Campbell sandals? I love them. I used to have a couple of pairs of his flats. Are they comfortable? Do they have arch support?


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