Just Another Manic Monday…

Today our day started in a fast paced kind of crazy fashion.  This only happens when Dennis schedules things.  He can deal with a fast paced schedule…I cannot.  Between 1O:40 and 3:00 we had to do the following..

Get Lucy to the vet for fluids and pick up her HPB pills…yes…my sweet kitty has High Blood Pressure!  Is it me? Is it Roxie? Is it Lucy’s fast paced nap schedule?


Then we had to get to our primary care doctor by 11:00…he likes to see me after I see all of the scary doctors. We go over things…calmly.  He is a source of strength and wisdom for me.  I used to be afraid of him and I thought that he was a better doctor for Den than me but that has all changed.  He keeps me sane through all this.  I need his big hugs at the end of our talks.  Seriously…I need them!

We had a small window of time before my appointment at noon…and since we were already downtown we went to Philter for a latte…yum!  Then skipped over to the nail salon.86F4BAE6-8298-456D-B7C9-50E9BE0AD817

I had a mani/pedi at noon…some much needed pampering plus my nails were a disaster. We’ve had so much bad weather that I didn’t feel like getting toes and nails done.  My is another one of the people in my life that just helps me feel normal again.  We talk and laugh and she is an awesome nail whisperer.  I love what she does to my nails…it’s magical!

After nails we had another small window of time to grab lunch before Den had to go to his dermatology appointment.  However…we could not decide on which fast lunch we wanted so we just came home.  Den did not want any food smells on him at the doctor’s…how bad is it to smell like a taco or a French fry? According to Den it would be bad.  I actually ended up making a quick pot of pasta which Den devoured when he came home. 9F56B991-1A14-40F3-9C7F-F2809CF6FF49

Now at nearly 4 ish…we are done with running around…seriously.  Den says we have a busy week…but I don’t want a busy week…so we need to sit down, talk and realign our plans?  Hopefully…this will happen.  We also need groceries…I will never make pasta for lunch again but we were out of everything else.  I am so hungry for a simple sandwich.  You know…really good bread…avo slices…a huge handful of spring mix…a slice of cheese…a generous helping of roasted turkey?  A real sandwich!  Thank you, Martha, for all of these ideas!  A nice big thick sandwich and a slab o’ pie…I have always wanted to say that!  And now I just did!


I am reading and absolutely loving this book!  But it’s so long it’s taking me forever to read!


After this one I should read these…I really am trying to stick to reading books closer to their pub date but…it’s so hard…some books just need to be ripped into ASAP…sigh!

I am off to finish reading blogs and commenting on blogs.  Then back to my big huge Elizabeth George book!  Yum!

Happy Monday!


12 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday…

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I’m tired just reading about your day! I love the color of your nails! I had mine done last week and don’t love the color I picked. I’m happy to have them done, though, since I’m planning to go sandal shopping tomorrow. I’ve given up on reading books on any kind of schedule.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Pretty nails! And delicious spaghetti. I also love the look of those sandwiches. I never have these ingredients in my house!

    I’m having a hard time sticking to my library book…it is good, an older Lisa Unger book, but I keep getting distracted.

    The day got off to the wrong start for reading…I met a friend for coffee at Barnes & Noble. I wanted to go to the supermarket, but went home instead and just vegged out in front of the TV.

    Enjoy your books!


  3. Stefanie says:

    I like how they did your nails. Did they brush the sparkles on or use a sponge to do it? That second sandwich looks so good but how does one eat that? I’m glad you have a good doctor who checks in with you and makes sure you understand everything, etc.


  4. Kathryn says:

    I love studying your quilts in your photos. I am sure that is not your intention but I love them. What a busy day and your doctor sounds really wonderful, how wonderful to have such support, as not all are good at that. Nice that Elizabeth George is entertaining you.


  5. Ti says:

    I had that sandwich last night but in a gluten free wrap. It was really good.

    I am with Den. I do not like to smell like food if I am going to be in close proximity to anyone. On Sundays, I will often cook something for us to eat before I go to work at the high school ministry but I’ve caught my girls catching a whiff of garlic in my hair. They say it smells good and makes them hungry but I don’t know. So now I don’t cook before I go.


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