My Friday Post But I Am Writing It On Saturday!

I am not sure what happened to yesterday! We went out to lunch and ran a few errands and suddenly it was close to 6 o’clock! I cleared email and that was it…I wasn’t in the mood to write anything else. I was also chatting with family…my sister in law Betsy is a book lover, too…we are always talking books…she has 26 library books waiting to be read!  Betsy is the first person I knew who read more than one book at a time.  I could never understand it until I started doing it, too!  Den was watching golf and then basketball…there was lots of Roxie chasing…and then we had to think about eating something…but we weren’t hungry.  I blame Hearth Kitchen’s yummy lunch salads…I had a grilled shrimp pesto salad and Den had a skirt steak salad with farro…they were so good.  We finally had Cheerios for dinner but they were good, too!

There is lots of great tv on…for me.  I find that I am not reading as much YA Fantasy but I am watching quite a bit of fantasy.  It’s Season 3 of Shadowhunters and I still love it…Once Upon A Time is waning but it’s good background tv…and The Magicians is really good this year.  I started watching Sirens but it’s a little bit creepy…I have discovered that I am not a fan of mermaids.  I kind of like Timeless, too!  Remember…I am a total tv aholic!  Sigh!  Oh and I will be watching The Crossing…I think!


I am also discovering that I much prefer Middle Grade books this year.  There are so many good ones!  I want to read all of them.  MG books have the best covers!


But…at the heart of my favorite books to read…always…are Grown Up Books…those books that have quirky dysfunctional characters, in and out of love situations, lost love, found love, new loves, misguided friendships, demanding relationships, confrontations, meek characters who find their strengths…what am I leaving out?  Oh my yes…chillers and thrillers and sweet cozy mysteries that take place with or without a dog or a cat and either in this country or in a cozy English village or seaside town!

Wow!  I have just summed up what I really love to read!  For now…

This weekend I will be reading this…Elizabeth George’s newest book.  It’s all about familiar characters and English pubs and mystery…mayhem…and murder!  Characters are intricate and fascinating…and thoroughly dysfunctional!  I have read every single one of her books and they are always a pleasure to read.


I just got my black bow shoes…they fit perfectly and are so comfy…and I got a new Baggalini bag…I love crossbody bags that I don’t have to worry about…and I love compartments!  This bag has the best compartments!  My bag is called The everything bagg…these bags come in colors, some are quilted and they are awesome if you hate to always carry a bag…thus a crossbody.  I love when shoes are your true size…these 7’s fit perfectly!  I can’t wait to fill up my compartments…outside and inside!

Weekend foods?

I want to make this chicken…simply made on top of the stove…the recipe is from halfbakedharvest or Sam Sifton’s Enchiladas or The Kitchn’s Slowcooker Barbecued Chicken…I will let Den decide!  He loves choices…I think!

I think I have pretty much filled you in on everything…so I am out of here until Monday…the Big Bad Book Day!



23 thoughts on “My Friday Post But I Am Writing It On Saturday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Bags with compartments are the best! That reminds me…I have been hanging onto the bags that were favorites for years…but they are getting a bit scuffed…sigh.

    It is hard to find the perfect bag.

    I also love cozy mysteries lately, in addition to the usual thrillers. I’m reading the County Cork series, by Sheila Connolly, in which a young woman from Boston has inherited an Irish pub in a small village in Ireland called Leap. I’m on Book Three.

    The only MG books I enjoy are a couple I’ve read from Joyce Maynard.

    And fantasy in books or movies…not for me. LOL

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    I love it when shoes fit too but that’s so hard for me. Carl and I are planning a day trip so I can buy summer shoes.

    I’m very particular about my purses – it can only have one strip and it can’t have a zipper. It’s hard to find one that suits me.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Hope you’re enjoying a peaceful Sunday. What did you decided to cook? I made Santa Fe Chicken in the crockpot from skinnytaste yesterday… feel like we’ll be eating leftovers for a week!

    I’ve been obsessed with Brahmin bags the last couple of years, but keep looking at Baggalini They seem to be much more lightweight… my bags are too heavy!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I love bags and have tons but when I shop and when I travel I always switch to a baggalini…they were designed by flight attendants and are perfect for travel and the cross body ones are mindless! There are spaces and zippers and secret compartments inside that are so much fun. They are the best fabric ever. They are not very expensive…in the $100 + range but the sizes are limitless…I have an overnight er…I have two that have places to keep a wet swimsuit if you can’t leave the beach just before you get on a plane…and I have tiny ones for walking…I have loved them for years. They have a new purple color that I am still eyeing…


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I love them, too! See! We can still be friends without Grey’s! I love my new red one…I have it fully loaded! I want a purple one now too…but I have a ton of them! Mostly black, red and some green…


  4. Ti says:

    This is your Friday, written on Saturday and I am reading it on Tuesday. We make a good pair.

    Your food posts always make me hungry. When we went to Santa Barbara last weekend we hit this place I’ve been wanting to try. I had the most perfect steak sandwich (no bread) with the crispiest most delicious skin-on fries. I also had a salad with lots of homemade blue cheese dressing. It was just what the doc ordered. Lots of iron in that meal.


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