Friday…The Week’s Finale!

Seriously?  It’s been a scattered hectic week.  We have had to do something every day.  Golf, lunch, shopping, appointments and teeth fixing!

Here is my before and after…but there should be another after…I am all ungapped again. Apparently I had bonding that just slipped away!  I am such a teeth fanatic…again…wearing wire braces once and then Invisalign once made me the teeth fanatic that I am today!


I am finally done with my Elizabeth George book…it was so good but her books take forever to read…big, fat, thick, and juicy!  I am now reading something summery, light, and fun!

Guilty pleasures…I need games on my phone and iPad…I am kind of addicted to these two this week.  I needed a break from doodlepop!  The kitty one is called Crunch Time…Roxie loves to watch the screen as I play it…

What I am cooking this weekend…the Baked Pasta Bolognese is from Simply Delicious.  It’s made and in the refrigerator but it totally exhausted me.  I had to make a Bechamel Sauce and it gets mixed with a red meaty sauce…not hard…just tiring for me.  I also made Den Lettuce Wraps for lunch…he loves these!  It’s just ground turkey mixed with lots of easy stuff…ginger, sriracha, soy sauce, etc. and you eat them in lettuce cups.  I use Kalyn’s Kitchen’s recipe…so yummy and basically no calories!  The cake is an Olive Oil Meyer Lemon Cake from a blog called Hilah Cooking…and the Toasty Sticks are filled with tomato soup…from a blog called Host The Toast!  I really want to try these.  For some unknown reason this week…I am craving lemony things!


Mostly this weekend I just want to read…maybe go out to dinner…let my teeth rest…unwind from this week.  We had lots of outside work done yesterday and today, too, so there was always something or somebody moving around!  And…yes!  The weather is awesome but it’s supposed to rain and get chilly again soon!  Sigh!

Everyone around me is napping…I was the tired one and I am still wired!

I am unblogged until Monday!

Patty…a glimpse of my hair…it’s spikey!


16 thoughts on “Friday…The Week’s Finale!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    The food looks so delicious!

    I hope to read A Nantucket Wedding sometime this weekend, too.

    Love the spiky hair…and I’m curious about the Elizabeth George book. Enjoy your weekend. I’m envying that cozy chair in the corner of the room.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Ah such beautiful teeth, worth all the work. I have the worst crooked teeth because as a child I hated anything that was going to help put them back in line, but at least I still have them and do visit the dentist regularly. Good to hear the big book is finally read, that’s the trouble with large books they do take time but when they are good so what! I’ve only ever read one book by Nancy Thayer, I must try another few of hers. Happy weekend.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank you so much about the teeth…I probably worry too much about them! I loved my big book but I am thrilled to be done with it and I loved that I got to move from a small English village to Nantucket’s beaches! Take good care of those teeth!


  3. Stefanie says:

    Your hair is cute; I like the tufts. Glad your teeth was fixed. I have two more implants to deal with. Two Saturdays ago I got six crowns in so my back teeth are done.


  4. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    Glad you are happy with your teeth again. 🙂

    I always need something light after a long and heavy read.

    I hope your weekend was nice. It is cold here again and we have had rain and freezing rain all morning. I want the spinglike weather to come back!

    Your hair looks great!!!


  5. Ti says:

    Your teeth look very white. Are you still getting them whitened too? I can’t due to sensitivity but as you know I am sensitive to a lot of stuff.


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