Monday’s Moments!

I have noticed that I never seem to have the same name for any Monday post.  I can’t get my head out of what I call “teacher bulletin board mode”.  Every time I write a post I have a picture in my head of big black Carson-Dellosa bulletin board letters and kid catchy titles.  Every teacher I ever knew loved Carson-Dellosa anything.  I had a big box filled with black bold letters and borders and a head filled with witty weird titles!  Wondrous Writers, Sparkling Spellers, Magnificent Mathemeticians, Rocking Readers…the titles in my head were endless!  I think I had an infinite supply of these letters and ever changing bulletin boards!

Ok…back to Monday…our temp here on Saturday was 80 degrees…is there a symbol on an iPad key board for degrees…anyway…we had the AC on on Saturday night…today we are freezing!  It’s 40 degrees ( is there a symbol? ) cooler and windy and rainy…today!  Den mowed the front lawn on Saturday.  We were hot!  Now?  Not so much…I woke up this morning with these two under my covers!


I actually got a stack of real books in the mail!  Aren’t they so pretty?  Thank you Minotaur, Ballentine, and SJP for Hogarth…did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker has a line of fiction books?  A Place For Us is her first book…I am a little worried about the reviews I saw but I am keeping my mind open!


I just finished this MG book…and…it was wonderful!  There is something so special about middle grade books…this book has a brave quick witted inventor…that would be Ada Byron…in real life Lord Byron’s daughter.  A not so brave third Lord Of Devonshire…poor sweet cowardly George…an orangutang named Ruthie and a young artist named Casey.  And of course this book had a quest and an adventure…fraught with pirates and flying machines and bad guys!  It was so clever and so good.  A.M. Morgen?  You are very skilled and witty and talented.  I am already on the lookout for adventure # 2!


What I want to read next?  More Middle Grade…and there is a ton of it out there!


Den loves to clean on Monday…he says it’s cathartic for him!  He does the heavy stuff and I vacuum and dust and tidy things…we also do lots of laundry on Monday…by the time we finish we are both exhausted but we have a lovely clean sparkling house!  And then on Friday we do it all over again…sigh!  As I walk around our house  I get to take a second look at things…I made these small quilts and flag pillows…it amazes me that I used to do anything other than read!  I always had summers off so I would happily make quilts…big and small or cross stitch or make pillows out of felted wool…now I worry that a needle would wreck my nails or that doing anything else would take time away from reading.  I obsessively collected hearts and flags and watermelons!  These are reflected in my work…I loved country primitives…loved them!  I still do!

It’s actually Tuesday…Den and Lucy are at the vet’s…her usual fluids and some laser therapy…and Lucy always brings me back Starbuck’s!  Thank you, Lucy!  Roxie is asleep in my lap…she gets nervous and agitated when Den and Lucy leave and stays close to me until their safe return.


Off to wait for my Starbuck’s!


17 thoughts on “Monday’s Moments!

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    How thoughtful of Lucy to bring you Starbucks! My mother texted me this morning to say this is the coldest spring in central NY since 1975. They even missed that beautiful weather on Saturday… it never made it north of NYC.

    Love the look of your real books. I usually read on my kindle, but have gotten quite a few print books from the library lately. It’s a nice change of pace 🙂


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I do love the look of real books, but nowadays I prefer reading on my Kindle. I read a real book recently, and the text was tiny! I’m used to enlarging it a bit on my Pippa. Most real books I own do not have the small text, though…thankfully.

    I love your pillows…and I am not a crafty person, but I have collected a few things other people have made, many of which I found in a place called Crafter’s Palace. A shop that is no more…sigh.

    I hope you enjoyed the Starbucks Lucy brought!


  3. LisaD says:

    It also makes me crazy there is no little circle “degree” mark on the keyboard!! I’m glad to have found this makes someone else crazy too! I always use the * but we need an online petition! We need a degree symbol.


  4. Patty Napier says:

    Tap and hold on the zero key, and you’ll be presented with a little key pop-up that gives you the option. Just slide your finger over to the left until the degree symbol is highlighted, then let go… WHAMO! You can use the tap-and-hold trick on other keys on your iPhone or iPad virtual keyboard, too
    Googled it – Maybe there is a degree symbol? I don’t know anything about ipads though!
    I enjoy reading your blog, but never comment.
    Have a good day!!


  5. BermudaOnion says:

    Our weather is so up and down. I washed my fleece stuff (for walking) and put it away and had to pull it back out.

    I love that you got books in the mail – I remember when you first started blogging!


  6. Kathryn says:

    My word what huge weather changes. I was never good at bulletin boards, I think it is a USA specialty, I always saw such amazing ones online. I love your little quilts and cushions – adorable. I admit quilting has taken from my reading, but… it is one way that helps me with anxiety and it is a relatively new hobby for me and I am still enjoying it.


  7. Stefanie says:

    I love how your kitties are in your face. Good, ol’ bulletin boards! I totally knew what you were talking about. The Inventors has a great cover. It looks almost 3-D. I love your hearts quilts and those flag pillows. They’re wonderful!
    Thank you for the compliments. You know me, perfectionist needs to get something instinctively right. My daughter was bummed yesterday b/c her jelly filled brownies didn’t come out good. We had an 8x8x2 pan instead of a 9x9x2. The higher volume affected the baking immensely. I told her to try again tomorrow but I reminded her how now trying out a new recipe beforehand can result in failure when you need it. I found a simple, brownie recipe on Pinterest and they came out good.


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