Wednesday’s Thoughts…

My cat Lucy needs an intervention.  She is addicted to this food.  We call it Cat Crack or Kitty Soup.  When you open the pouch it smells just like Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup…the unorganic one from my childhood.  Yep…the one with all the preservatives.  But most likely Lucy’s cat crack has better stuff in it.  Sigh!  Like clockwork…every day at about three Lucy starts roaming and screaming…it’s snack time!  If we put any other food down she will walk away and start meowing again…even louder…she wants her kitty soup!  Nothing else will do.  Lucy has always been a sweet kitty…but in her elder years she has become just a tad louder and just a touch more demanding.  So we give in to her every single time.  Oh yes we do…every single time!  Because when you are elderly and cranky…you should be treated gently and with respect…but…have you ever seen that Deborah Winger movie with Shirley MacClain as her mother?  Terms Of Endearment?  She needed pain pills and Shirley went screaming to the nurses?  That’s how I feel when Lucy starts screaming for kitty soup…seriously!  I say give it to her!  Now!  We are buying it by the case!


I loved this book…it is my personal goal to get everyone to read a middle grade book!  They are just so good!


I just finished this one…I loved it…college roommates on a cruise to Bermuda twenty years later…it was lovely! Peachy!  Yummy!


I am just about to start these…one is magical and one is not!  The first Vanderbeeker book was wonderful…a big old blended family living in NYC…the kids  cute and quirky…my favorite winning combo!

Den and I are gathering in the “apartment”…otherwise known as our bedroom…it’s time for showers and relaxing clothes and winding down…thank goodness our apartment is big with vaulted ceilings and lots of light…we may move downstairs or we may just stay up here…everybody has something they love up here although the kitties have the best comfy spot…sigh!




18 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Thoughts…

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    We used to call one of our dog’s treats crack too! lol

    I need to look into The Summer Sail – I hope some of it’s set in Bermuda.

    We stay in our “media room” all the time – I guess it could be our apartment.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Too funny…media rooms and apartments…Den says it shows how little space we use in this big house. The book takes place almost totally in Bermuda…and on board the ship…it’s light but refreshing.


  2. Kathryn says:

    I think Lucy knows what she likes, yes by the case the only way to go! Most likely I’ll only read one MG book this year, I have planned The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt – I adored his Okay For Now.


  3. Ti says:

    The soup story is funny but I wonder if bone broths for cats have the same benefits that they do for humans. Everyone swears bone broths are one of the healthiest things for your body. So maybe there is something in it that her little cat body has to have.

    My Otter Pup has been very lazy lately. She has been very cold in the mornings. We’ve had a cold spell for over a week now. Every morning she would come down with me and sit next to me at 4:30am until I left for work. Right before I leave, she waits for her treat. Well, now because it’s too cold, she has indicated that I am to leave the treat in her bed and she will get it later. That’s right. She does not come down now! Although she did come down this morning but then quickly left after nodding at her bed that that is where I am to leave her treat. And you know what? I left it.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I agree with you about bone broth. Last year we bought bone broth made by our country butcher…it was really good and I always felt as though my body was fortified. There is a ton of soupy broth in Lucy’s cat crack…See? Our animals train us! They bend us to do their wills! Otter Pup is so smart to get you to leave her treat in just the right spot.


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