What Happened This Week…

Or rather what didn’t happen…there were lots of things that we planned to do but that we fell out of the mood to do.

We almost went to a movie yesterday but the weather was so dismal we talked ourselves out of it.

We wanted to go to Lancaster to look for Den’s study furniture but again…the rain and wind and cold stopped us!

We wanted to plant some flowers but we had a freeze warning on Wednesday night!

Everyone looks cranky and out of sorts and is sick of this weather!  Unless you are a diehard outdoor person…it’s not fun to be outside…but the weather is supposed to be getting better.  Hopefully!

I also became rapidly addicted to this word game…I guess it’s like Scrabble but it’s more fun…I am in the “ I can’t stop playing stage.”

 This sweet robin is pecking at our front door window…she sits on our front bench and then zooms to the glass panels and knocks at them.  Roxie is fascinated.  Den thinks that the robin sees her image and thinks it’s another bird.  She must have a nest somewhere that she is protecting…against herself?   We don’t have a clue what to do to help her.

I finally have this in my slowcooker…for dinner tonight…BBQ’d chicken from The Kitchn….I have broccoli salad and cole slaw to go along with it.  And pickles!

I couldn’t resist adding another book to what I am reading now…it starts out sad but it’s really good…really unputdownable good…


And…the Vanderbeekers are wonderfully adventurous again…I love these books!


And this one is so unique and powerful…it’s my fast paced book.  Families have to give up ten years of their life to serve and be enslaved in this country…it’s actually London at another time.  I am just getting into the servitude part and what it really means…it’s already sad and riveting.


So that was my week…really awful weather and not great spirits but the sun is out today and we could be sitting on the deck tomorrow…or not…

See you on Monday!



16 thoughts on “What Happened This Week…

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hope the weather improves soon. That robin is a darling. You cook the most amazing food, or share others. My mouth waters every time I visit. Lots of wonderful books too.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Word Chums looks fun; I used to play Words with Friends; I’m certainly no Oprah. The Vanderbeekers look like a fun family to read about. I requested the CD version of the first book.


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