Finally! A Sunny Warmish Springlike Monday!

So…today…we had these amazing veggie sandwiches for lunch. I pile them high with baby cucumbers, avocado, baby spinach, and any other kind of crispy crunchy veg that I find…either hummus or a veg cream cheese spread…good wheat bread…and we get nearly 5 vegetables at one time in a neat…well kind of…messy sandwich. It’s almost as good as salad and easier to prep! Of course we were so hungry that I didn’t get a photo of ours so I “borrowed” this one from flavorthemoments.


In the slow cooker I have these cooking in sauce…a yummy red sauce. This is the third time I have made these from skinnytaste…they are so good and the sauce is amazing. I made mine out of turkey but I have also used bison. All I have to do later is cook pasta! Dinner is done!

Den and Lucy and I just came in from catching some rays on the deck…it felt so good! We only set up this part of the deck because…guess what…we have rain for the next two days! It was a short but much needed sun break! We had to put all the pillows away until Thursday! Two nesting geese joined us…


This is our front door. The sweet robin will not stop attacking the glass windows. Repeatedly. Over and over again. She is relentless! Someone told us to block her reflection and she will stop. So…we blocked it with post cards! We have no idea when we can take these down!

Finally…books! Finished this…really sad yet really good…


Started the Lost Plot…I love this series about an invisible library! Irene the Librarian and her assistant Kai…he is sometimes a dragon…work together finding books, exchanging books, transporting to various times and trying to stay away from the Fae, vampires and others…it’s a total wondrous fantasy.  And…it’s not really YA…it’s kind of a Sherlock Holmsian fantasy for us grown ups.


A peek at a few new books…from publishers and NetGalley…so much to read.

The smell of Italian red sauce is permeating my house…yum!  I just now had to redo my entire Monday post…even saving it…it still disappeared!



20 thoughts on “Finally! A Sunny Warmish Springlike Monday!

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    It rained here all day – pouring at times – and is supposed to again tomorrow. We get a break from the rain on Wednesday and then it’s supposed to be back on Thursday. I sure hope we get some great May flowers from all of it.

    A goose couple is nesting in our neighborhood too. We keep looking for goslings but haven’t seen any yet.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      We are having rain on the days you are not! It’s supposed to be deluging here tomorrow. Our goose couple walks across the street every night to somewhere on our neighbor’s property…they have an open barn…then every morning they waddle back to the pond again!


  2. Mary says:

    Now I’m hungry! And the bird issues – we’ve had those and used the same method. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don’t. Good luck!


  3. Ti says:

    We had a bird tap on our window for months. His mate ran into out bay window and died. It was very sad because he seemed to know that she did that. He seemed to be looking for her but it would drive our dog crazy so we taped a skinny strip of foil to the window and he stopped.


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