So…yesterday was a dreary day here but perfect for much needed shopping!  We don’t go to Costco all that often but it’s the only place that carries the Italian red sauce that we love.  We try to buy four at a time…any more seems obsessive.  Costco also has this pasta…and double bags of this cheese.  Yesterday…for an unknown reason…Costco was overly filled with people!  Check out lines were unbelievably long and arduous.  What were people buying?  Plants!  The ferns I searched for last summer were at Costco and the hibiscus that we love to put all over the decks were there, too…in both tree and not tree form!  Who knew?  But we didn’t buy any…yet.  I think we have to back just to buy plants…and Den is figuring out how to get them home.

I had my Fitbit on and I walked nearly 1.6 miles just at Costco.  But I purposefully pushed the cart and walked up and down every aisle…only running into a few people!  I did see a sweet little lady who even had the dreaded Romaine lettuce in her cart!  Hopefully it didn’t come from Arizona!

We were not finished after Costco…it was on to Trader Joe’s!  Darn that site that publishes what’s new and awesome at Trader Joe’s…Den had his little list and I had mine.  Cauliflower gnocchi and baked falafel was at the top of mine while Den searched for honey comb honey and a strange Norwegian Crisp Bread…plus I was out of Trader Joe’s frozen garlic cubes and frozen basil cubes…both incredible time savers.


I am still reading this but I feel guilty because it’s a library book and I am not going to review it…so…I ask myself why am I feeling guilty?  Reviewing simply changes reading…for me anyway.  I still love reading but I am always thinking about what I will say about a book.  Plus I feel guilty when I don’t read lots of books in a week.  I hate guilt.  I hate saying no to a book.  My dilemma?  Yep!


I started this one…thinking that it’s not my kind of book and I wouldn’t love it and I would put it down right away…but it’s so lovely I can’t stop reading it…I did not read Under The Tuscan Sun.  The food descriptions and just the way this author writes…kind of riveting…kind of thought provoking.


But I also have started all of these…and stopped…but with the knowledge that I will get back to them…soon, I hope.

Finally my eco friendly Allbirds came…truly?  The most comfy casual shoe I have ever worn.  This summer version is made out of trees!  Allbirds guarantees that if after a month you hate them?  Send them back for a total refund!  These are not going back!


So…we have finally figured out why the robin is so obsessed with our front door and every window surrounding the door and even the window over the door…she is beginning to build a nest in my beautiful new wreath.  She just started the gathering part.  So…we gently took down that wreath and put up the older one…usually this robin builds a nest under our deck…there are so many high up spots where her nest is always safe…what was the attraction of the front door?   We love all animals but this was not a good idea for this robin.



Off to read,,,hopefully without guilt…



20 thoughts on “Shopping!

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I’m in the grocery store and Target a lot and am not all that organized when I’m in them resulting in a lot of extra steps.

    The Allbirds shoes are so cute but they don’t come in narrow. 😦

    I’m glad you figured that out about the Robin. We have birds try to build nests on our front porch every year.


  2. Ti says:

    We have a Sam’s Club membership and gave up our Costco one because it was always too crowded when we could go. Although Sam’s has a lot of the same brands, I don’t think they have that sauce. I have to check though.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I’ve been away from my blogging and reading today until now. My son and daughter-in-law are in town for her daughter’s funeral. She’s hanging out with her grandkids while he and I have done a little shopping, had breakfast out, and he set up a new Blu-Ray player for me in my bedroom. Until now, I only had the one in the living room.

    A nice change from my routines.

    I don’t think we should think about reviews on any books that aren’t review ARCs…and just realizing that is enough to set us free from any guilt. We should just enjoy our books. Enjoy!!

    I usually do review everything, but it’s nice knowing we don’t have to do that.


  4. lakesidemusing says:

    I’m just loving Women in Sunlight… so close to the end, but I don’t want it to end! Making a list of what I need to look for at Trader Joe’s when we are back in NY – cauliflower gnocchi is on it, now frozen garlic and basil, too! The Allbirds are so cute 🙂


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I can’t believe how much I love Women In Sunlight! I know what you mean about not wanting it to end! I am craving simple salads and fresh pasta! And lots of olive oil! I cannot cook without those cubes…especially the garlic ones…and thank you…Allbirds are really comfy, too!


  5. Kathryn says:

    You have such a wide choice for shopping in the USA and all those things look gorgeous and yummy. We don’t get such variety being away so far from the rest of the world.


  6. DEZZY says:

    I’ve seen those garlic and basil cubes at my sister Theresa’s blog, she had a promo for them, nice stuff, imagine if they had celery leaves too 🙂


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