A Cold Wet Shivery Friday!

This weather!  It is truly making me crazy!  Yesterday all four of us were on the deck…sitting in the sun.  We planted our topiary and two Hibiscus trees.  We potted a fern for the front portico.  We assessed pots.  We need more.  But the key point here was we were doing it all in the most wonderful weather!  Today it is awful again.  Cold.  Chilly.  Depressing.  The only exciting thing is the Football Draft.  Den is obsessed with it.  Our deck has a walkway and two different sides.  I want to go back to Costco for two more Hibiscuses…Hibiscusses…Hibisci?  I literally paid a fortune for a fern last year…from my beloved Terrain…and it died!  Costco had this beauty for $15.00!  I just hope that my trees are not going to freeze out on the deck!  We are hoping that we don’t have to drag them into the sunroom!  Apparently they can stay outside as long as it’s not below 50° at night.  We checked the forecast and it was good but now the forecast changed and it’s going to be 38° on some nights.  Sigh!


I am beginning to think that I am a one book a week reader lately.  So many other things are occupying my days.  Does the weather affect what you do?  Sunny days make me want to walk and plant and just be outside and then we have these dismal days that are such downers.  I just want to stay warm!  This is the book I am smitten with this week.  It’s just lovely.  It’s filled with art, gardens, wine, pasta, olive oil and four women trying to deal with their changing lives while learning Italian.  Well…three of them are learning Italian.


Everyone around me is sleeping.  Den was up throughout most of night…he is going through a weird sleep cycle and says he is up for hours.  Lucy just came back from fluids and laser therapy so she is exhausted…Roxie is sound asleep because everyone else she usually plays with or annoys ( Lucy ) is asleep.  Last night I made dinner at around 6:30…I have not done this in a long time.  I like to prep in the early afternoon and then Den finishes dinner…oven popping, salad tossing…whatever…but I wanted to make a one skillet dinner…easy and fast…it was pork chops in a light yet creamy mushroom sauce from The Kitchn.  It was so exhausting for me.  I just do not have good stamina yet.  It feels so weird.  I just needed to get dinner done and get upstairs to chill in bed.  So I think I need to get back to prepping in the afternoon again.  My reward was how much Den loved and actually need this dinner.  He will need strength for when we are pulling all of the pots inside!


I think that I will really try to finish Women In Sunlight today.  Figuring out what will come next is always tricky for me.

These?   I need a fast pace thriller chiller after lingering way too long over Women In Sunlight…but lingering was what that book needed!  I should have also taken notes about the foods and wines and hotels and ristoranti!  Darn!  This may be a twice read book…someday!

Have an awesome weekend!



15 thoughts on “A Cold Wet Shivery Friday!

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    Sorry about your weather – I think ours has finally settled down.

    Re: the NFL Draft, mention the Edmunds brothers to Den if you want to impress him. They’re the first brothers to be drafted in the first round in the same year. They’re Hokies, of course. 😉


  2. Kathryn says:

    Women in Sunlight sounds very inviting. I think I am close to one book a week reader these days too. Yummy looking chops. Hope the weather does not get so cold for those plants.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    I finished Women in Sunlight a few days ago and just loved it! I started reading as slowly as I possibly could when the end was close… didn’t want it to end. One book per week is a very comfortable pace for me. The pork chop recipe looks delicious… just pinned it to try later. Hope it’s warming up for you this weekend.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Yes! Today is a beautiful sunny day…I find myself reading this book more slowly, too, and looking up places as much as I can. I think if I made the pork chops again I might use more real cream…they were delicious but Den needed more sauce. The pork chops were really tender.


  4. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    The weather is up and down here too. Yesterday we did some yardwork and got only a small fraction done. It was beautiful out. Today it is cold, windy and rainy. I am glad spring is mostly here though. Your deck looks beautiful. Good luck with your tree! Hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend. 🙂


  5. Stefanie says:

    How fun to pick up some new greens from Costco. I haven’t paid much attention to them as I am clueless about gardening but I wouldn’t mind a hibiscus bush or two in the front along with hydrangeas. Porkchops sound good. I haven’t bought that for a while; I usually pan fry them after they’re dredged in seasoned flour.


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