This Is A Warm Wednesday! Finally…

Is it just human nature that we are never happy with the weather?  We have been waiting and yearning and dreaming of warm sunny days but last night it was too warm!  Our house must be weirdly zoned because every room has a different temp…our bedroom is the warmest room, Den’s study is always freezing, the downstairs bathroom is always freezing.  If the AC is on at night it has to be really low so that our room is comfortable at night but then the entire rest of the house is freezing.  Every summer we talk about doing something about this but we never do…sigh.  It’s too complicated!

True to form I am reading nothing that I said I was going to read this week…but this caught my eye and it’s good…really good…new mothers, a missing baby, relationship issues…I really don’t need anything else!  Goodreads says this…Vanity Fair calls it one of the most anticipated books of the summer. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Scandal’s Kerry Washington

Hmmm…interesting!  Sometimes highly anticipated books can fall flat?  I will let you know…


I am keeping these in the refrigerator for those days when we have a late lunch.  We had these last night and they were awesome!  Only we dipped our carrots in hummus and I don’t buy red grapes…only green.  I don’t buy baby carrots, either. This snack box idea and photo came from No.2 Pencil…another food blog I love!


So…we’ve been out on the deck today…there is a huge golden fish in the pond that leaps out of the water like a breeching whale!  It’s amazing!  My hibiscus trees are fine…we aren’t dragging them in and out any more…and the sun keeps on shining!

The barn across the pond is an original dairy barn.  Apparently our small two block two pond development was a dairy farm at one time.  The barn was sold as a separate property…it is 8,000 square feet.  The owner constructed an apartment in the left side and will eventually redo the rest of the barn.  Our two geese won’t have babies this year.  My neighbor found two huge broken goose eggs in her yard.  But…the geese look kind of carefree…swimming and playing without any family worries.


Speaking of carefree…Roxie gets some sun in the afternoon, too.  She stays zippered up in this but Lucy gets to walk the deck…we can catch her.  Some deck time is good for all of us!

Off to read…



16 thoughts on “This Is A Warm Wednesday! Finally…

  1. Stefanie says:

    Our living room and kitchen are usually warm. The girls’ bedrooms are the warmest as they are in the front. The office is the coolest. My husband always complains about being cold.


  2. Peggy says:

    It is a beautiful day today! 82* right now with a lovely breeze. I’ve been outside all afternoon reading and listening to the birds. Love your deck furniture. I want to get some this year for our patio.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    After 90s last week, we’re in the 70s now, which works for me. I would like for it to remain at that level…indefinitely!

    I do enjoy hummus…and cherry tomatoes.

    I have The Perfect Mother, as you know, and I’m also looking forward to the movie. I think. We’ll see how the book goes.

    Today is another day to watch more of The Handmaid’s Tale. Can’t wait!


  4. June says:

    Roxie looks huge! I had no idea she is such a large girl. I thought she was petite! Lol…l love hummus and I’m a green grape girl, too. Those snack containers look so fresh and tasty. 🙂


  5. Ti says:

    I hate when I am too warm while trying to sleep. That is one area where I need to have some cool temps. They fixed the AC at my work. It has been broken all week and although it wasn’t horribly hot outside, it was so stuffy inside without access to any fresh air.


  6. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    I am happy with the warmer weather- but I can understand the bedroom being too warm. Mine has been hot the past two nights- but we aren’t turning our air on just yet. We went from cold to almost 90 degree weather in the same week. Crazy!

    Hope your book is good. 🙂


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