It’s My Friday Post On Sunday!

We have been busy!  The weather has been yummy…yummy until today.  Today it’s definitely un yummy.  We have been meticulously placing all of our to be planted pots where they were placed last year and the year before and the years before that.  Certain pots go under the portico in the front.  Certain pots go in certain spots in the front. Certain pots go around the deck in the back of the house near the pond.  Den is annoyed every time I come outside and walk around and harrumph at him and make him move the pots to the right spots.  He is the mover…I am the creator! Needless to say we have lots and lots of pots.  But yesterday we bought more pots.  Our beauteous Costco trees were falling over in the wind because the pots were too light so we had to repot them in bigger heavier pots!  I am totally potted out!  But…pots are placed and ready for plants…that is Phase Two of the Patty and Den Potting Adventure…actually planting stuff in the pots.  We have or rather I have one hard and fast planting rule…no red anything!  Pinks, purples, lavenders, fuchsias, whites and a few yellows.  Marigolds…yellow only not the orangish ones…go in the back and sides of the house.   Oh…and…there has to be lots of ivyish traily climby green things…and lobelia everywhere…purple and pink and white lobelia stuffed everywhere!  Den will be very busy as we enter Phase Two.   I arrange and he plants the pots.  It’s perfect!


We have been relaxing on the deck.  It’s been so nice. Yesterday a bald eagle landed! This is all the way across the pond!


Salad warning!

Den and I chopped ( food processor ) cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage, carrots and a little parsley for  this salad.  We topped it with chopped hard boiled egg, feta cheese, baby tomatoes and roasted chicken.  It was delicious.  It was spoony salad!  We ate ours with a big spoon!  But we made way too much salad.  Next time we will halve everything.  After all of the chopping I did not feel like making the dressing, too, so we used a local tomatoey dressing that is all over farmer’s markets here…we loved it.  We are going to have it for lunch today…same dressing but goat cheese instead of feta.  It seems to be getting larger in the refrigerator rather than smaller and I think I need a break from eating it so I have devised a plan for the rest of it.  It’s all vegetables that can be sautéed so I am going to freeze it and then use it later in a sauté or stir fry or even in a vegetable soup.  I feel badly tossing it.  There is so much of it!  Anybody want any?  There are variations of this salad but I like this one from gimmesomeoven…  Isn’t it so pretty?  You can add so many different toppings.  We added dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds or nuts to ours, too!



Reading this after I finished The Perfect Mother…it’s really good, too!  I am not even thinking about what to read next…I am going to try thinking about one book at a time for awhile.


Hopefully you had a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “It’s My Friday Post On Sunday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I wondered where your Friday post was hiding! LOL

    I’m laughing about you creating while Den moves things. I used to do that (not with Den, of course!). Now I have to create and move everything. Sigh.

    I rearranged my bedroom yesterday, with my bench from in front of the living room bookshelves to a place at the foot of the bed…and a few other changes.

    Of course, the bed never gets rearranged…and the TV and equipment haven’t been moved for ages.

    No outside stuff to be done. Tiny patio….

    I like the idea of freezing some of that salad to be used in other dishes.

    I want to read Before and Again soon…but since the release date is late June, I will wait. I have to write my reviews right afterwards…and yes, I could write the review on a Word doc and post it later…but that’s too complicated. LOL

    Enjoy the weekend looking at the pond.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      I know…I should have waited to read Before and Again but I had a panic attack about it…I had copies from NetGalley and Edelweiss and a publisher sent me a real copy…in my head I thought it was due soon. But I just note the date in notes on my iPad and I will post it later. That’s been working for me. You were busy moving stuff! Den thinks I create too much!


  2. Kathryn says:

    Ah that potting is sounding like hard gardening work. Hmm no reds for me its no pinks where possible! I don’t mind orange marigolds but mostly put in yellow but to the vegie garden where it helps to keep away some pests. Love the bald eagle visit.


  3. Mary says:

    Love the eagle pic. I’ve been spending 4-5 days each week with my mom (3.5 hrs from my home). She lives in a small town on the Mississippi river where there are a lot of bald eagles. It’s so cool to see them up close. Hope you and Den get the plants situated just right 🙂 We won’t be doing that until Memorial Day at the earliest. I like the idea of thinking only one book at a time. I have a lot of review books waiting for me to read.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Wow…you have been busy…do you drive there and then stay all week? It’s hard when parents are far away. I think the pot situation is finally settled. We are supposed to wait until after Mother’s Day but we are out of frost danger now! The planting begins! I hope I can stick with one book at a time but I am slowing slipping…sigh!


      • Mary says:

        Yes, I stay for the week and then another sibling takes over for the weekend. I’m the only one without a full-time job so its up to me. I’m ok with that. Since my dad died in February mom’s memory is worse and she just needs someone to be sure she’s safe. We’re working on getting help from an agency – someone would check in for a few hours each day. It’s a small town though and services aren’t as available as in a city. It’s an eye-opening experience, for sure.


      • Patty Magyar says:

        It’s so hard. We went through this with both of my parents. My sister…who lived near them…had to bear most of the burden…we all relieved her when we could.


  4. Stefanie says:

    That salad is pretty with all of the different colors of ingredients. I’ll need to peruse Pinterest for a salad idea as I have to bring one over Saturday. You’re so funny about the pots but I understand. I get pissy when the husband has moved shit around here.


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