The Sun Is Shining…For Now!

So…every time we buy plants and don’t get them planted on that same day…we put them in a protected place in the back part of our house.  Yesterday we found some really lovely plants but when we unloaded them we decided that we would place them in the pots that they would go in and we…well…Den…would plant them this afternoon.  So they were sitting happily…innocently…in pots in the beds in the front of our house.

We were cocky.  We were confident.  Last night it hailed.  Our plants are just a tiny bit ragged today.  Sigh!  It was tiny hail but still…hail…

So this week I didn’t read any of my goal books.

I read this…good…but I wish I read the ones that came before…


Now I am reading this…kind of yummy and kind of unputdownable.  A little boy starts asking about his biological father…an anonymous donor.  Then…wouldn’t you know it…fate puts the donor in their lives.  Wow!


If I finish this I really want to read this…I have sort of sneaky started it…I loved this author’s first book.


Last year I read SweetBitter…which of course i Hakeem calling Bittersweet…a really unique book…this year it’s a series.  Watched and loved the first one!



I am also binge watching this on Netflix…it’s short and sweet and so good.  If I had to replan my wedding it would be here…outside…Danielle has a 70 acre farm…she grows wildflowers and vegetables and redid her barn for wedding receptions!  The barn has antique chandeliers, drinks are served in old Mason Jars…dishes are vintage and don’t match.  Chairs don’t match.  I think it’s lovely.  She has goats! I want goats!  I would most definitely have Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue there…in a flower laden bows everywhere wagon!

Den…will you remarry me outside…here?  I don’t want a new ring…I love mine but I will take little huggie diamond earrings!


Here is the farm!

1A9C6410-0033-4A8B-8CFB-4FA1798D0CDCABB0588D-E996-4D8B-B804-E75ABB38067E5FBEF682-730E-4349-B853-21A6B64AC390Family lunch gathering at South Pond Farms in Pontypool

So…I really want to make these this week end…a pasta salad from half baked harvest,   teriyaki steak lettuce wraps from Emily Bites,  Madeira Cake from The Kitchn, a burrito bowl from The Kitchn, and a garlicky chicken bake from The Kitchn.

Not sure what a Madeira Cake is but it looks good!

Nails!  Check out this color!  I am loving it!  I am shiny!


So…that’s it for this week!  Have a great weekend!  I will be right back here on Monday!


14 thoughts on “The Sun Is Shining…For Now!

  1. Shirley Cantriel says:

    I just love your sparkly nails. They are my favorite. Hope all your plants survived the hail. Have a great weekend.


  2. Mary says:

    Ouch on the hail. We’ve had an all day rain and a high temp of 40. Ugh. I’ll have to see if I can watch Sweetbitter. Love the barn! Have a lovely weekend, Patty. And Den 🙂


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank you, Mary! I think you will love the barn show…she is the Canadian Martha Stewart but she seems nicer and less bossy. The book Sweetbitter was kind of raw. The first episode wasn’t. I liked it!


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I enjoyed the first episode of Sweetbitter. I also have the book, but haven’t yet read it. Soon, I think.

    I do love the shiny nails. I’m getting a mani-pedi this afternoon.

    Enjoy the weekend!


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