Squirrels In The House…Part 2…

We had an uneventful weekend until the alarm went off and the alarm company said that a basement window was open…ok…Den was at a golf outing and I am not the bravest person in the world but I ventured to the basement…no window was open…so I forgot about it…until Den came home…went to the basement to double check the window and came flying upstairs to say that there was a squirrel in the basement!  Yikes!

Didn’t we just have a squirrel in the basement?  What is it with our house and squirrels?  And…not just this house…almost every house we live in!  When we lived in this lovely little cedar house in a really wooded development in St. Louis I put my arm in the sleeve of my robe only to discover there was a tiny flying squirrel in my sleeve!  Double yikes!  Both of us went screaming through the house!  And flying squirrels are protected so we had to call these forest ranger people who came to rescue it.  Now that I think of it we also had a cat capture a baby snake that was in our basement…another cat kept a lizard in the big plant in the living room…the lizard had no tail…this same cat was bitten by a poisonous tree frog…she survived…and we almost let a raccoon into our house…our cats were always inside kitties but we had a huge way high up deck with no way down and we would sit outside with the kitties…we thought we left a cat outside but it was a raccoon!  And in that same house a hummingbird got inside!  Is it us?  It must be us!

Back to the squirrel…he spent the night…and in the morning we opened the French door a wee bit.  The basement was dark and we hoped he would see the light and simply walk out.  We think he did.  Of course that prior night our guest feasted on almond butter, oranges and almonds.  We are not sure how he got in and we can only hope that he won’t come back.  Earlier in the week Den saw a tail and little furry legs sticking out of a roof vent but that’s supposed to be impossible!

The basement has signs of squirrel damage…he peed on the floor and chewed all of the wood around the French door and the window…I don’t even want to think about what else he did! Sigh!


OMG!  I just finished this book and posted the review!  This book is a must read.  This author is now on my Lisa Jewel list…this book is a mix of science and mind bending story…but don’t think it’s a science book…each chapter starts with a page on genetics that was fascinating…but it’s the story of Paige and her son Miles and Paige’s relationships with her boyfriend and her father…a father who was almost never there and probably made Paige close off close relationships.  It’s a really good family story.  It’s intense and sad and so loving.  You have heard it before but I need to say it again…this book was impossible to put down and is really not leaving me.  I loved it! You have to read it!  This is the kind of book I wish I was in a book club for…I want to talk about it!  I simply can’t take no for an answer…find this book and read it!


New books…

No clue what I am reading next…I can’t let go of The Ones We Chose…but these are a few new ones…I guess I need something light and totally different…

One of these from NetGalley?  We shall see!


I am off to help desquirrel and sanitize the basement.



14 thoughts on “Squirrels In The House…Part 2…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, no! I hate when creatures get in the house! When I lived in the foothills, lizards made their way in occasionally…and twice, bats came in and flew around until my son gently captured them in blankets and sent them on their way. But once that happens, you are never truly secure in your home. To this day, I freak out if anyone leaves a door or window open.

    I am definitely curious about The Ones We Choose. Thanks for sharing…and enjoy a day and week with no creatures…other than the kitties.


  2. Ti says:

    There has to be a weak spot somewhere in your house for these critters to get in. If Den saw legs by the roof vent then I would guess it’s there even though it’s supposed to be impossible. Squirrels seem so innocent but they carry fleas and can be destructive, as you found out.


  3. Kathryn says:

    Hope you do find the next perfect light read after such a good but difficult story. Wow I never thought of squirrels getting inside, as we don’t have them here. Mmm you have had numerous creature visits over the years!


  4. lakesidemusing says:

    Oh, no… I HATE when critters get in the house! We had a squirrel incident at our old house that had to be professionally resolved, and a bird come down the chimney in our old, old house. You would not believe all the screaming when that happened! Hope the rest of the week is quieter 🙂


  5. Peggy says:

    Yikes! We have a crawl space under half of our house that is opened into the basement. Now I have something new to worry about! That crawl space is getting closed off for sure now…


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