Friday Fun…

This was a pretty busy week around here…lots of walking, cooking, shopping, reading and movie watching.  Yep…pretty darn busy!

The weather has been so nice…for at least three days…so we walked the park.  I love it because Den can go on ahead and I can walk at my own pace and eventually we sort of meet in the middle!  But bad weather is coming our way…for the weekend!

We started stopping at farmers markets again for all things local!  Lettuces and flowers and radishes…they taste so delicious!  Except we aren’t eating the flowers!  Local strawberries are in, too!


We fell in love with two new things this week!  This root beer and these cookies!  The root beer is local…the cookies are wafer cookies from Italy.  We saw these at Costco a few weeks ago but we were afraid to buy a giant bag of them…Den brought these home from our Country Butcher…it’s a very small but very expensive bag of no junk added vanilla wafer cookies.  The Costco bag that we passed by was a giant bag of both vanilla and chocolate!  Sigh!  If you are lucky enough you might find hazelnut and lemon, too.  The lemon ones are supposed to be…well…lemony…really lemony!

Weren’t  there Nabisco wafers?  The childhood cookie…these are about a million times better!

Speaking of Costco we needed some things that we find we are loving from Costco.  So we zipped out there instead of our long outdoor walk today.  When we sub Costco for the park…we walk up and down every aisle in the store!  Even the cold room!  I think I got 2500 steps just from Costco!  And we found some new stuff to buy!  My freezer is full of organic chicken…everything at Costco seems to come in threes!  We also now crave this massive red bag of popcorn from Costco…and I love Kirkland’s Pesto! It’s perfect for the totellina pesto pasta salad I am making!

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We finally saw Black Panther!  We were a little surprised at how sort of slow it was…in the beginning.  We had it for a few days so we put off watching the ending u til this morning!  It was wonderful!  I love giant mechanical rhinos!D113E89F-78ED-49EB-BC89-EE26EA873048



I am almost finished with this and it’s so good…you can’t help but want good things to happen to Van…he’s small, hard of hearing and because his mom is a famous opera singer he is always moving and always the new kid in school…this book is about stealing wishes and it’s just so sweet and scary all at the same time.


I am playing around with Emily Griffin book but I really want to read this one next…this author’s first book was a fave of mine.


And what is up with WordPress?  My Wednesday post is now before my Monday post…am I seeing things?  I didn’t do anything!  It’s just like my email this week…I keep getting pop ups saying my name has changed and I can’t send email!  And then when I scream and send it a hundred times…it sends!  Sometimes I hate tech stufff!

Off to rest…Den is outside mowing because our lawn guy still can’t get caught up.  Den is not liking this situation at all.  Sigh!  Poor Den!



8 thoughts on “Friday Fun…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    The strawberries look so yummy! I also love sugar wafers, but it’s been years since I had any. Something to think about?

    I never go to Costco, unless there is something big on which I can take advantage of a discount.

    The books don’t grab me, but we don’t often like the same ones. No worries.

    Enjoy your weekend!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank you! I love how different we are about our tastes in books…but I do read lots of the same ones that you read…but I know MG books are not for everyone. That’s why we would have a lively lunch convo over Cosmos and Books! I am becoming a Costcoaholic! I even ate the hot dog there and I have not eaten an inorganic nitrate free hot dog in years!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BermudaOnion says:

    The biggest meltdown Vance had when he was a toddler was over sugar wafers and I ended up throwing an unopened package away. I’ll have to look for those bite sized ones for him.

    Carl and Vance saw Black Panther last week and they were disappointed in it – I guess all the hype had their expectations too high.


  3. DEZZY says:

    We’re famous here for wafers too, our confectioners make them in all possible aromas, from the regular ones to lemon, orange, coconut, peanut, banana, pumpkin pie, caramel and my favourite chocolate raspberry 🙂 I loved chestnut-rum ones before, but they don’t make them anymore 😦 Our cookies and biscuits are also much better than the ghastly American Oreos 😛


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