Thoughts On Monday!

It was a semi beautiful day here today!  It was nice enough to sit on the deck and just chill for awhile!  I was out for a few hours for a manicure and pedicure…and a blood test right after that…yep…it’s the end of my two blissful months and time to check in with my oncologist again.  I am getting so used to this routine that it almost feels normal…I can’t believe I said normal!  It really doesn’t feel normal at all and this week isn’t all that relaxing.  But I can do it…right?  I can!

Time for a peek at my curly out of control hair!  I don’t know where I am headed with it!  I am just thankful I have it!



I can’t believe I started this but I did…Elin Hildebrand truly is the Queen Of Nantucket Beach Books!  I can’t put this one down…my sister in law follows her on FB and the books on Elin Hildebrand’s night stand are always long and smart and intellectual and serious!  Her Nantucket books are anything but that.  This one is filled with secrets, adultery, lobsters, and champagne.  It’s so good I can’t stand it!


A few new books from NetGalley!

Off to shower…toss together dinner…and get ready for The Bachelorette…yep…it’s ridiculous…often boring…sometimes shocking…but fun to watch while Den and I read and play WordChums!



17 thoughts on “Thoughts On Monday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love your hair! Thick and curly…and with highlights?

    Enjoy those books. I have some unread Hilderbrand books that I need to bring forward on my Kindle…before I buy The Perfect Couple.


  2. Ti says:

    I have tried to read Hilderbrand but can’t and I typically like beachy reads. I have one I bought that was put down after two pages.


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