Here is the bad thing about Ovarian Cancer…it’s kind of always there.  But…here is the good thing about Ovarian Cancer…the longer  you can keep it away the better chances you have of actually living.  Mine has plateaued.  I don’t have to see my  oncologist for three months.  So…I will take these three month increments to live normally.  I am less tired…nothing hurts and people love my hair!  There is always the one day that something will show up that is not good but for now…I am ok!  My little family remains intact…I can venture out more…try to be more normal…and not think about the next thing.  There are new therapies coming…and I have to be hopeful.  So…with a big hug Dr. Costello sent me home!  His prescription is always the same…go out to dinner and be happy!  I am going to try!

Flowers!  Ours are really growing!  Slide show time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Finished this…still pondering over the ending…but I loved this book!


Reading these…

We bought the most beautiful local lettuces today!


Making teriyaki lettuce wraps for dinner tomorrow but just a big salad tonight!

The wraps recipe is from…https://emilybites.com/2018/05/teriyaki-steak-lettuce-wraps.html/print/.

Off to read and really relax.  Today was incredibly stressful!


15 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Great news and time to enjoy what’s around like those gorgeous flowers appearing. Hope you like the Lost for Words Bookshop, I’ve just finished and did like it very much.


  2. Mary says:

    Even though I’m a day late – this post makes my day.
    I’ve just started The Lost for Words Bookshop.
    Love the slide show.
    And those lettuces look amazing.


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