Friday’s Thoughts…

We are beginning to realize that the quaint “little” area that we thought we lived in is not so little any more.  Schools are bursting, houses sell in a month and there is traffic everywhere!  And we still have to drive to Delaware for a Trader Joe’s!  There was a perfect spot that everyone around here had picked out for a Trader Joe’s but it’s going to be a Ross Dress For Less.  So very sad!  Then we were supposed to get an Aldi’s but now we aren’t even getting one of those.  Delaware is not far away but we just yearn for a store we want to go to that’s right in our back yard…closer to home!   Even our Dairy Queen was turned into a funeral home and Brewster’s Ice Cream literally just disappeared one day.  Oh…we had the best fish store, too, and even it upped and moved further away!  It’s a conspiracy!

This is why I always wanted to live in either Portland or Camden, Maine!  I want to walk to morning coffee!  I want to walk to dinner.  I don’t want to walk to Ross Dress For Less!  Ever!

Books!  I cannot tear myself away from this book!


We made these yesterday!  They were outrageously delicious!  This is not a dinner that fills your tummy but it is so good!  So we did what anyone would do after a low calorie dinner…


We had these!  OMG…so good!  But…why an eneven number?  Does Magnum want us to fight over the third one?


So…it’s been a good week but an exhausting one…people are so kind to me…last week I zipped into Pier 1 because I love love love their Wildflower room spray.  I spray it in all of the upstairs bedrooms and then shut the doors…when we walk into those rooms the scent is heavenly…light and wildflowery…anyway…a very nice lady  was ringing me up and she commented on my hair and then I quickly told her about chemo and last year.  She shared that her daughter in NYC was about to get married and was diagnosed with leukemia.  Her daughter was being treated at Sloan Kettering and her daughter had a very cold unkind oncologist…so…there was a line of people behind me and this woman and I were holding hands and crying and wishing each other well…the kindness of strangers…right?   It was such an incredible moment.

I am off to read…have a lovely week end!


14 thoughts on “Friday’s Thoughts…

  1. Stefanie says:

    I bet hearing your story helped this mother who is so worried about her child. I have neighbors here who bought their home before it was even built and remember the boonies around them with wild possums and raccoons wandering about.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Connecting with strangers can be wonderful. Sharing stories is a way to feel less alone.

    I love being close to lots of stores, but the area isn’t as beautiful as being next to a pond.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    There aren’t a lot of Trader Joe’s out there. We have one in our area and people keep wishing for a second but Atlanta only has two so I don’t think we’ll get another. I’m with you on Ross. We are getting an Aldi’s very close to us and also a Chili’s but I’m not big on either of them.

    I need to pick up Bring Me Back soon!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Nope…we still love our house too much…it’s just that everyone here complains about the same thing…tons of stores not that far away but we still wish some were closer!


  4. lakesidemusing says:

    With Wegmans, I almost never shop anywhere else… except mage the occasional trip to TJ’s. Your dinner looks delicious, but OF COURSE you must finish with ice cream! Beautiful encounter with a stranger… and an air freshener I must try. Enjoy your weekend. It will be very low key here. Still trying to get all the flowers in.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Flowers…I know…so beautiful but getting them all in and now watered is always trying! We were just at Wegman’s yesterday…I guess I take it for granted now…you must get that particular air freshener…Wildflower in the blue can…it’s lovely…


  5. June says:

    There’s an Aldi’s near me and I’ve never been in there. Now, I’ll have to check it out. A lovey diner that’s been open since 1965 will be closing so they can build an apartment building. And there are already are so many! Sad…
    Tears shed…You are not alone♡


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