Movies! Books! Other Stuff!

So…I love our movie theatre because it has reclining comfy seats…great food…and no one is there in the middle of the day!  No one sits right next to you and it’s very relaxing!  We saw Deadpool 2 on Monday and I think we are going to see Avengers tomorrow…I can pick our seats, prepay and check in with my phone plus get points and $5.00 off coupons!  I love it!  I had salad cups during Deadpool 2…they were crunchy and veggie filled and so good!  After the movie we zipped to Weggieman’s for yummy sushi for dinner and one slice of Celebration Cake which is really wedding/birthday cake with white icing…Den’s fave!  It even had little bits of blue icing writing on it.  Deadpool 2 was fantastic…but…I love all Marvel movies…the guy with the gun in Deadpool 2 is James Brolin…that was quite a surprise!


I think I have failed in my vain attempt to organize my reading…for some reason this week has me experiencing a landslide of amazing books!  I just got the book I desperately wanted…this one…thank you so much Anna Abel and Candlewick Press!


Plus I am reading all of these!  Yikes!  I am really into the Emily Giffin one…a picture of a pretty much naked drunken 15 old girl is posted with a racist remark by a classmate who is wealthy, privileged and just got accepted to Princeton.  Lyla is a scholarship student…Finch is not.  His uncaring attitude about this is really fracturing his mom but not his dad…this book is really good!


Other stuff…

I want this!  It’s from Birch Lane but it’s sold out.


I am hungry for this…Blueberry Banana Bread from Two Peas And Thier Pod…


So…that’s my week so far…yesterday the weather was incredible…we sat on the deck for hours and stared at the pond…today it’s dreary and humid…Den and I are working on separate floors…we will meet for dinner later.  Does sunlight help your mood?  I think it does for me.



14 thoughts on “Movies! Books! Other Stuff!

  1. Peggy says:

    Dave and I go to the movies quite often now he’s retired. Tuesday is $5 day and like you said we practically have the theater to ourselves!

    That hammock looks divine!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love comfy movie seats, and I am a fan of going to a midweek matinee. I don’t see Marvel movies, though. I like suspense…or comedy…or movies about relationships.

    I enjoyed Book Club, and even wanted to see it again…but haven’t done that yet.

    The Blueberry Banana bread looks tempting. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  3. Kathryn says:

    Yes sunlight makes all the difference for me. Yum blueberry and muffin – my idea of food heaven! Enjoy all those great books, interesting one the Emily Griffin one.


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