It’s The End Of The Week…Already?

In my head I am still on teacher time.  The week starts on Monday and ends on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday are bonus days!  We try to be low key on the week ends…other than going out to dinner when we feel like it.  The weather all week has been beautiful!  Sunny, breezy, not very humid…we zipped to our fave Farmer’s Market this morning for tons of fresh local produce.  We bought cauliflower from Stoltzfus Farms near Lancaster.  He is Amish…I am sure…everything we buy here is labeled by where it’s grown…broccoli, spring onions, lettuces, carrots, orange beets, Swiss Chard, garlic scapes…everything was locally grown!  The beautiful orange beets are roasting in the oven now.  We will have them in a salad with candied pecans and goat cheese.  The lettuces are beautiful…tiny and crisp!  I love this time of year!  Plus the bonus part of Wolfe’s…the market…is their homemade lemonade…not local lemons…and apple cider doughnuts!  A reward!

We did go to the movies again yesterday to see Avengers Infinity War…so good!  I can’t explain my fondness for any Marvel Movie…I never read any comic books.  I don’t know the stories but I love these movies!  This movie started at 1:00 and ended at 4:00 with a short stop because power went out everywhere!  We ate wedge salad cups and sneaked in our own whole grain munchies…these sweet Thai Japanese Organic Brown Rice Crackers that Den and I are addicted to.  After the movie we zipped to Weggieman’s for an EZ Dinner!   We both had meatloaf!  And we couldn’t resist getting Carrot Cake for dessert!  The meatloaf dinner was yummy!  Creamy mashed potatoes and fresh green beans!   But we had a really hard time deciding…next time I am getting pulled pork and macaroni and cheese.  We made a new friend at the EZ Dinner counter.  A cute elderly gentleman who was sent out to buy dinner by his wife was puzzling over how to heat these so we helped him.  He was also told to buy eclairs but I don’t think even Weggieman’s has eclairs…I am not even sure what they are.  He bought a fruit tart instead.  He chatted with us all the way through both of our checkouts and into the parking lot!  And even funnier he was in front of us for part of our drive home!  B4308AFA-0F7A-4FB9-A7F0-77DAF05043C6

For some reason these photos are showing up in my Preview twice…if I delete one set…nothing shows so if they appear twice…I don’t know how to fix it…

I read this at BookBub today…all of these books already have movie deals!  I need a copy of The Ruin…

Reading this…kind of scary good…there’s a prison scene that’s not too much fun but I am really into the book.  Serial killer…his high school girlfriend…a missing girl whose bones are found 14 years later.  The girlfriend is a rising executive who loses everything when the body is found…she spends 5 years in prison…again…the prison part gave me chills but I still like this book.


Up next?  Perhaps these?

Would you rather go out on the weekends or stay in and chill?

See you on Monday!


19 thoughts on “It’s The End Of The Week…Already?

    • Patty Magyar says:

      Yeah…that’s sort of what I love…but it’s still the stamina thing for me…I would never have made it at BEA…sigh! I can’t believe you won’t get one of those theatres…some are called Movie Tavern! We had ten dollars off of our food bill and we paid $12.00 total for the movie! We love this place! You need one…


  1. Ti says:

    You do not know what an eclair is??? You need to Google it. I find it hard to believe you’ve never had one. Basically, a long chocolate pastry with Bavarian custard inside.


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