A Nice Break In The Weather…


So the past few days have been so lovely.  The weather is so much cooler.  We have been able to open windows during the day but turn the AC on at night.  We have carefully chosen some Non Marvel movies…and as temps rise this week we will stay in and watch them.   These are my faves so far.  I watched the trailers carefully and these all look good to me.  We will watch one of these tomorrow!

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I finished all the books I needed to…this one was my fave…it was just exceptionally good, touching, sad, and sweet.  Sort of a perfect book!


I am still reading this one…also a great book…


I started this one…not certain what my thoughts are yet!


New books from Edelweiss…I am sooooo excited to get the new Peter Swanson book!

So…Jimmy Fallon has a Summer Reading Club…I didn’t have two of the books he recommended so I bought them…I started IQ and Den started The Good Son…I will have more to say about these books later!

Roxie and I decided to talk our walk through our one street neighborhood this morning.  Roxie was in her kitty stroller.  We had lots of distractions…Roxie met new neighbors and a baby and saw a squirrel!  When we got home I went to work on my new Pilates Chair…I think I kind of love it!

Off to watch the Bachelorette and listen to horrible kissing noises!


18 thoughts on “A Nice Break In The Weather…

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    Three Billboards was dark but really good. Ready Player One deviated from the book A LOT so I didn’t love it. I didn’t know Peter Swanson has another new book coming out! I must get it!


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    I just read your review of The Summer List over at goodreads and now I want to read it, too! The cover of People Like Us is appealing, so I’ll be curious to hear what you think. We’ve finally turned off the AC, too, and it feels so good to have fresh air in the house again!


  3. DEZZY says:

    Interesting cover for THE STRANGERS !
    Kitty stroller??? Say what, say what! You will become the crazy cat lady in your block, sister with such outings :PPP


  4. Greg says:

    I never did see LAdy Bird, or The Shape of Water. I need to sit down and see both. I thought People Like Us was good- it didn’t blow me away but I enjoyed it well enough.

    Have a super week!


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