So…Words, Movies, Books, & Walks…

Words!  Movies!

This was yesterday’s movie…quite a tough one to watch!  But…Word Chums saved me…I played while I watched and it was a much better experience for me.  Den does not understand how I can do this and still watch the movie.  But…it’s the only way I can watch a movie like this.  Yikes!  I am feeling Movie Theatre Deprivation.  There is nothing out there that I want to see until Mission Impossible…sigh!  I keep checking upcoming features and I continue to try to stretch my boundaries but nothing great is on the big screen for quite a few weeks.



Reading this…liking it but not loving it but now there are more secrets and reveals and I can’t put it down.  So I might be sort of loving it after all.


I need to finish this…a different take on Rumpelstiltskin involving money lending and three very different but unique young women.  It’s my weekend project.  For a while now…


And I need to finish this…another week end project…



I have created a tiny little monster!  We have been walking close to home this week.  Den goes farther away than I do so I have been tossing Roxie…well…not literally tossing Roxie…more of a gentle toss…in her stroller and we walk together.  She seems to love it.  Lucy used to love it but she is not a fan of their stroller lately.  Roxie gets comfy…looks forward and seems to like talking to neighbors.  She seems to also like all of the educational tidbits I provide her.  Our conversations are like this…me…this is Bob and Liz’s house but they aren’t home.  This is Jane’s house and they got a new puppy!  Yes…the baby you talked to on Monday isn’t home today…Roxie always responds with a very kitty “uhoh” and we proceed on our way!



Tonight we are having EZ Dinners from Weggieman’s…yum…my old standby meatloaf!  Den has decided that he feels better about these if he has extra meatloaf…just in case!


We are splitting one piece of cheesecake and adding fresh raspberries.  Yum! Actually I am a one bite dessert person…Den can have the rest!

Dinner out…we are trying out a new restaurant this weekend….it’s a byob and Den bought me a tiny little bottle of Grey Goose.  I will bring three lovely olives!  We are excited!


I am off to read and organize books!

See you on Monday!


22 thoughts on “So…Words, Movies, Books, & Walks…

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I saw Three Billboards in the theater and thought it was tough to watch but terrific. My movie friend wants to see the new Mama Mia movie when it comes out. I’m not excited about it but I’ll go with her.

    I’ll be curious to know how you like Her Pretty Face when you’re done with it.


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    I’m kind of afraid to see Three Billboards…I know it will be a really good, but difficult movie. Finishing Pachinko will be my weekend project… loving this book! Your kitty conversations made me smile 🙂


    • Patty Magyar says:

      Thank you. If you feel at all uncomfortable about disturbing movies…you need to be distracted while watching this one. There were beautiful parts but there were lots of not so beautiful parts. Roxie is a great listener!


  3. Ti says:

    You play that game while in the theater??? Please tell me you are not that person. Or do you mean at home?

    We do not have those markets by us and many of our markets here don’t do pre-packaged meals so if I want meatloaf I must make it with my super expensive GF crumbs. I always make a lot of it so I can make sandwiches the next day. I used to make them with puffy white bread and loads of mayo but now I must do without the bread. Not the same!


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