Den had to run out for paper towels and Stretch And Seal…a product we use on a daily basis…we usually never run out of stuff like that…Den is the man in charge of stuff!  But yesterday he came home with other stuff…this stuff!  Yummy stuff!  Everything is local except the bananas…the blackberries came from a few miles away as did the milk.  The apricots are from a few miles away, too, and so delicious.  And we were able to score more of those tiny plums!  Yum to plums!  The pie is called Fruits Of The Forest…Den had it last night with vanilla ice cream from the same dairy farm that the best tasting milk in the world comes from!

I did finish Subway Girls…and I just started this…it’s yummy…very much so…beaches, mysteries, that Mad Men period that I love…yum!


Den is playing golf…the girls and I are relaxing…reading…doing some laundry…

Lucy had fluids yesterday to keep her kidneys flush.  The moment she comes home Roxie pops into the carrier.  And then spends some time soothing her elder kitty sister.  Roxie…has spent years trying to work her way into Lucy’s heart and she has really totally succeeded.

We couldn’t resist this face but Lucy could for a long long time.  But as Lucy ages Roxie seems to be the “kitty in charge”.  Roxie actually flew from San Francisco to Florida and finally to us!  We were told by her breeder that she was a nurturer…she spent her time with an older cat but was always sneaking in to play with the kittens. She is very small and very lively.  If we don’t chase her around the house daily she zips around on her own…always landing in front of us as though to say…so there!


Off to read…as usual!


Whoopsie…almost all of my non blogger friends are reading this book…I read it a while ago…have you read it?  Are you planning to?  It’s a good one!




18 thoughts on “Stuff!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    The fruits and veggies look so good and remind me of growing up in the country. Everything was close by, ripe for the picking. What we didn’t grow, neighbors did. There were always farm stands nearby, too.

    Hot summers and the smell of fruit…nostalgia!

    I don’t think Baby Teeth is one for me. I don’t like child characters who are manipulative and possibly “evil.” A family divided by a child who might be troubled…or simply spoiled. I guess you enjoyed it, though, since you’re recommending it. LOL.


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    Oh, how I love fresh fruits and veggies. We’ve finally found a good local farmer and have been eating our weight in his produce.

    I liked Baby Teeth but did have a few issues with it.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    The fruits and veggies all look so yummy! Glad Summer Wives is a good read… not sure I’ll get to it right away, but I do like Beatriz Williams. On the fence about Baby Teeth. I just can’t decide whether or not to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kathryn says:

    Oh my all that fresh fruit looks beautiful. Love that Roxie is so caring and that Lucy has succumbed. Have seen mixed reviews for Baby Teeth and most likely won’t read it unless lots of people start saying they loved it.


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