Everything Is Peachy!

Den, Lucy and I have eaten lots of peaches this week.  Yep…Lucy loves peaches!  I was eating a peach yesterday…placed it back on my plate and walked into another room…when I got back Lucy was eating my peach.  Yep…she took over my peach.  We have been eating local peaches…white ones and yellow ones…they have been so sweet, juicy and delicious…we may have to make another peach run today!


I am reading a mix of books…seriously…I think I get easily influenced by what other friends are reading…all are different…Sadie won’t be out for a while so I really shouldn’t even have opened it but I did…sigh!  Spinning Silver is awesome and difficult to put down but I put it down to pick up that beachy Jill Shalvis book which is as much fun as Mary said it would be!  Although I love Beatriz Williams I am not in love with Summer Wives…yet.

I am kind of still watching The Bachelorette and Big Brother and Southern Charm but everything except Southern Charm is background noise for reading.  Southern Charm is simply too good for words!  And the opposite of charming!


I miss seeing movies this week…but we are waiting for Mission Impossible and The Meg…I keep putting Thor Ragnarok on in the background because I catch something new that I missed the first three times I watched it…heeheehee!

We are getting Fish Tacos for lunch today…these are from a tiny little place in Kennett Square called Michoacana Grill.  Yum!


I want to make these over the weekend…cool, crisp, carbless!  These are from The Kitchn…when I make Lettuce Wraps I always try to find all of the perfect lettuce leaves but this person puts about four or five leaves together and smooshes them, stuffs them and rolls them snugly inside of parchment paper!  Who knew? Not me…that’s for sure!  Don’t these make you hungry for them?

Weekend outings?  Maybe this huge Farmers’ Market in West Chester and dinner at Verbena again.  I am hungry for the Chef’s incredible halibut!

Off to read something…


Roxie comforts her Lucy…and then somersaults on top of her!



11 thoughts on “Everything Is Peachy!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I tried to find Southern Charm on Netflix…but nothing came up! Does it have a different name? Or is it on Amazon Prime?

    When I think of peaches, I realize how I took them for granted. They grew all around us when I was a kid. Later, walnuts and almonds took over, and the peaches were in the minority.

    The food looks good….and I do want to read Rainy Day Friends.

    Roxy and Lucy look so sweet together.


  2. Ti says:

    Peaches are not toxic to cats but the pit has cyanide in it so if it’s a whole peach she is enjoying I’d second guess that.

    Those wraps do look good. I like butter lettuce for wrapping stuff but usually for Asian lettuce wraps. I am hungry for pie. Maybe I can make a cobbler with my gluten free pancake mix. I saw blackberries as big as my head at Whole Foods the other day. I only took one for my salad because I don’t like when they are bitter but this one was so good!


  3. BermudaOnion says:

    Did you know South Carolina is famous for peaches? Look up Gaffney’s water tower.

    Beatriz Williams is hit of miss for me.

    I think I need to see what Southern Charm is all about.


  4. Kathryn says:

    Oh my I am so wanting one of those peaches. I never heard of a peach eating cat, but then I guess they never got the opportunity. The Beatriz Williams one takes some persevering, but I did like it by the end. Not my fav by her though.


  5. Mary says:

    Well now I have to look for Southern Charm. Glad you’re enjoying the Shalvis book. She always makes me laugh. I love peaches in season and how have to have one. What a rascal Lucy is!


    • Patty Magyar says:

      OMG…everyone here raves about these particular fish tacos…and we have never had them…but these were amazing! We have very authentic smallish Mom and Pop Mexican restaurants here…so these were simply yummy! They make them to order…


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