Dentist…Done…All Done!

What is it about dental appointments?  We have the sweetest kindest dentist ever with great office techs.  But…we can’t wait until we are cleaned, polished, checked and sent out of the door for another six months or so!  Today we took great pride in the fact that we didn’t even think about cancelling or postponing…we just went.  That might not be the case next time.  Everybody has appointments this week…both kitties have check ups…I have to zip in to see our beloved primary doctor…and then we are done for a while.  It’s raining and flooding this week and one of our fave restaurants flooded yesterday.  Empty beer barrels were floating outside and people were stuck inside…shoeless!   Oh my!

Epix had a free movie week end this week end so my reading suffered…we watched two Star Treks…the beam me up Scottie ones with all new characters and the cutest Spok ever!  Plus Arrivals with Amy Adams and I watched Thor again…I seriously need rehab for my Thor addiction!  Oh…and we put on as background  the horribly rated Snowman but we watched it because Den spent time…lots of time… in Norway…Bergen specifically…so we wanted to see the Norway parts.

The result was that I barely touched this…which is so good…three strong girls have to use their wits to get them out of horrific circumstances…Miryem just married a Staryk…a huge silver scary dude.  Wanda has to run away from her cruel father.   And Irena was just married off to an evil evil Tsar…or Prince.  These three young women are all in frightening situations which they have to get themselves out of.  I love this book!  Steph!  You would love it, too!


New books…and there are some yummy ones!

These are from Edelweiss!  Lots of my favorite MG’s mixed in with my grown up books!  I love a good mix!

Today was a busy day…so dinner is our awesome easy meals from Weggieman’s…I am having Meatloaf and Den is having Chipotle Pork Tenderloin.  Plus since it’s Bacherlorette night we are splitting a slice of white cake with chocolate icing for dessert.  Celebration Cake!  Yum!

Have an awesome evening!


12 thoughts on “Dentist…Done…All Done!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I’m curious about The Last Time I Lied…although there are so many titles with “lies” and “lied” in them that I don’t always remember which ones I have bookmarked already.

    I liked the look of Fast Friends, too.

    Enjoy your week and your reading.


  2. Mary says:

    Ooh, Christmas Camp caught my eye. I’ll look for it.
    Sometimes you have to embrace the (Thor) addiction 😀
    I used to find Edelweiss quite clunky. NG is so much easier. But I’ll check E again. I’ve only used it once in the past year.


  3. Stefanie says:

    Appointments are exhausting. Today I took the teen for her sports physical. Her BP was low so she had to come home to eat and hydrate and then go back. Then we went to the courts and while the schedule said there was a session, no one was there. I waited around for 15 minutes and then left. Sheesh. I added some of these books.


  4. Ti says:

    I guess I mixed the Epix free weekend.
    I ended up seeing only parts of The Greatest Showman at the movie night I went to because it was outside, it was 104 degrees and the sun was blinding (couldn’t even see the screen) so I left.


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