It’s Saturday But I Am Writing As Though It’s Friday!

This was one weird week…there were doctor appointments for everyone…kitties included.  There was way too much running around.  There was the $23.72 chicken and I forgot to mention the $67.00 lamb chops.  I think we should stop shopping there.  But the stuff there is so yummy and we trust where it’s sourced.  Plus this shop makes the best meatballs.  All I do is bake them and toss them into sauce…mmmmm.  And also we really don’t eat meat that much so when we do it has to be very organic.  Last week was a meat week.  This week is a veggie week.  It works for us!

We saw Mission Impossible yesterday at our recliner seat theatre.  Everything that you can’t imagine happening in a movie happens in this one.  I literally screamed at one stunt but I could have easily screamed at about 20 of them.  It was an awesome movie but I am so into action adventure anything lately.  We also saw Ready Player One and I kind of loved it!

I finally finished my book!  It was so good!


Now I am reading this and it’s so good, too!


So…we went to a Farmers Market this morning…we bought beautiful fruits and vegetables…for our upcoming Veggie Week.  We bought breads and handmilled soaps and came home and had tomatoes on toast for breakfast!  Yum!  I would not let Den buy a Whoopie Pie because it had Crisco in it.  Besides after the movie yesterday Den bought a Baby Carrot Cake at Weggieman’s…he did not need an Amish Whoopie Pie!  He also bought a huge massive jar of something called Chow Chow.  No clue what his plan is for that!  My soaps smell amazing!  And…local farms have summer apples…they are beautiful!  That’s my Pasta Sauce simmering on the stove…filled with local exotic mushrooms and those meatballs!

So…that’s how my week ended…I didn’t walk enough and I didn’t read enough but I felt tired this week…I know…Den says I am tired because I didn’t walk enough this week but I will fix that.  I haven’t used my Pilates Machine this week either…I was just kind of hot and bothered and tired this week.  But I will fix all that, too!

Have an awesome weekend!

See you on Monday!


20 thoughts on “It’s Saturday But I Am Writing As Though It’s Friday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I loved The Death of Mrs. Westaway…and your food all looks very delicious!

    Tom Cruise is one I can do without! I enjoyed him in some of his 1990s movies, but after that whole “couch jumping episode” on Oprah…well, not so much. LOL. Plus, I don’t really like action movies.

    Enjoy your weekend…and the upcoming week.


  2. Kathryn says:

    With summer temps like you people get – hot and tired must be the normal. The market sounds amazing and such interesting buys. What a price for the lamb chops – now how many did you get 2 or 3 or enough to feed an army. Just seeing the comment above. I am not a Mamma Mia person but I see some of my relatives saying how much they loved it!


  3. Stefanie says:

    Have you watched the video of Tom Cruise making James Corden jump out of a plane? Me and the hubbs watched it today and it is hilarious. I would love to try Amish food. I use Crisco, although I think the Whole Foods one E bought is healthier, for something; I can’t remember the sweet recipe. I guess Chow Chow is marinated veggies for a salad?


  4. BermudaOnion says:

    Ready Player One deviated from the book so much it bothered me.

    All the chow chow I’ve ever seen is “saucier” (for lack of a better word) than that.

    I love special bars of soap!


  5. Mary says:

    I think Den is right – and I need to apply it to my own life. I need to get back into good habits – walking early every morning and cleaning up my eating. Keep posting about it and I’ll try…
    And now I need to watch The Great British Baking Show 😀


  6. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog says:

    We don’t eat a lot of meat either- so when we do it has to be organic, local, grass fed. Those meatballs sound tasty- especially with homemade sauce. 🙂

    Hope this is a good reading and walking week. I am about to go get on my treadmill in a few minutes. I try to get a lot more walking in during summer break.


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