Monday! Monday!

We had a lovely calm weekend!  We went to a new Farmer’s Market on Saturday and bought lots of fruits and vegetables.  Every single one of them farm fresh and local!

Then I found the Soap Lady…and bought Lavendar Soap and Eucalyptus Soap.  I am taking all of our liquid soap bottles away and replacing them with these lovely bar soaps…big ones in the showers and tubs and small ones by the sinks.  I found these holders at Amazon…they stop the soaps from getting gunky!

I read and was so moved by this novel over the weekend…literally it was a one day read and loosely based on an experience that Courtney Cole had with her own son.  It was frightening, realistic, heartwarming and again…based on some real life situations.  It’s difficult for any of us who have never touched drugs to understand those who allow themselves to spiral downward due to them.  Beck…in the book…went from swiping his mom’s Xanax to pot smoking…to heroin pills…and ultimately to shooting heroin and meth right into his veins…until…of course…the inevitable happens…the overdose.

Our house is a bit of a chaotic place today…is getting an electrical check up…new outlets, outdoor lighting, switches and plates.  The girls and I are kind of loosely based in our room while all of the estimating and activity is going on.  The electrician has even been in the attic! It’s a whole house redo!


So…I will get back to this one later today…as soon as I can!  No clue as to what I will read next!



10 thoughts on “Monday! Monday!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    The veggies look good…we have a Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays, right around the corner in one of the malls in my neighborhood. Growing up, we had our own gardens…or visited farm stands.

    Great view of your house and pond. I love bar soap, but the “gunkiness” always annoys me…so Amazon, here I come! I love Amazon.

    Enjoy your week. I loved The Death of Mrs. Westaway.


    • Patty Magyar says:

      OMG…you two get up so early! I was still sleeping at 8 but I had to get up to herd the kitties away from the electrician! Roxie was in his tool kit and Lucy was on his every move. I had a hard time with the soaps. I wanted to try more than my two but I couldn’t decide. The scents were light, too. They are nice and sudsy in the shower!


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