Cats, Rain, & A Little Bit Of Golf…

I am determined to read at least three books this week.  I am in a contest with myself.  I have no reason for this other than it’s raining off and on and on Monday when Andrew The Electrician was here until 6ish we couldn’t really do anything else except play WordChums and read.  Andrew is a twenty something whose dad owns his company.  He wore booties, put down carpets and vacuumed wherever he worked.  He even played with the kitties!  And when we had to move our bed…he vacuumed more than he even needed to.  He put up outdoor lights, motion detectors and we are getting all new exterior lights which he will put in as soon as they come.   So…Monday was full…Den had lunch with his boyfriends on Tuesday and today he is trying to play golf with some other boyfriends…in the rain.  I am free to relax and read…thus my quest to read three books…maybe more!

I am almost finished with this cozy mystery!  It has everything I love in a cozy mystery!  Cats, kitties, ice cream, mayhem, mean girls…actually Swiss chard throwing mean girls…muffins, good coffee, lobsters, mayhem and murder!  Cate Conte is a new author for me.  This book is seriously good.  I haven’t been able to put it down!  It takes place in an East Coast seaside town.  There is more than just one fascinatingly irritating secretive character!  I love it!


I finally read Tin Man…I am so happy that I did.  Once I finish Purrder She Wrote I will finish my last two…or three…I love the covers of the last two!  I am still waiting for Stephen King’s new book from the library but since I am still # 94 on 4 ebooks…it will be awhile!

However…before I go back to my book…I need to take a Chase Roxie Around The House break…she is waiting and watching but not patiently!




19 thoughts on “Cats, Rain, & A Little Bit Of Golf…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ha-ha, that photo of Roxie looks more than just impatient…she is hovering overhead with a very alert look. She won’t let you escape. LOL

    I love when workmen are careful not to make a mess, and even clean up after themselves. That doesn’t happen very often.

    I hope you love The Death of Mrs. Westaway…and that cozy does look very good. Enjoy your week.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Nice to hear about a thoughtful electrician. Ah three books, you go for it. Me, I am slowly wending my way through one. Too many distractions and I don’t even have two cats.


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