Rainy Days…Again?


This is our back yard!  There is no clear area between us and the pond!  It appears to be creeping toward the basement!  Yikes!  Help!


Yesterday was Sunday but we had hair appointments.  We drove the one hour one minute drive to Skippack.  It’s hard to believe but I am actually 1 growth cycle away from the hair I want…at least for awhile.  I need a little more length on top!  But I kind of really like my hair!  Sort of…sometimes!

Today we are changing the curtains in the family room and dining room.  Den actually has to take out the old rods and put in new ones.  I have red checked swags in those rooms but I am changing them to long panels…hopefully…

My swags were similar to these…but our swags were attached with  wrought iron hearts…now we are putting in rods.  Yikes!  Actually I am finishing this post at the end of the day and we never got to the curtains or rods.  Sigh!


Oh my…I finished this book…it was sooooo good!


On to finish this one…


Just a few books from Edelweiss…

A surprise in the mail…an actual paper book from St. Martin’s Press…


Lazy girls listening to the rain!  It was their idea to take over my big pink overstuffed reading chair and ottoman…sometimes I miss it!



25 thoughts on “Rainy Days…Again?

  1. Shirley Cantriel says:

    So sorry you are getting so much rain. I’ve had water in my basement. Hope you escape that happening. Lucy looks so good for her age. At the rate she is going she will love longer than Roxie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz crum says:

    I am tired of rain, too! It really messed up my garden but I can’t get out to cut any plants back and try to fix things up because it is too wet!


  3. Mary says:

    Oh my gosh! A new Jenny Colgan book?!
    We could use a bit of your rain. Our sprinkler has been working overtime lately.
    LOVE the hairstyle. You’re almost there!


  4. Greg says:

    Wow that water is getting close! You guys must be getting a ton of rain? Hope it stops soon!

    Love the cat pic. My cats do that too- they find my favorite place to sit and then take over.


  5. Jina Bazzar says:

    Rain in the summer. It reminds of my days growing up in Brazil. i actually like them. Here in the middle east it rains mostly when it’s cold. I can’t see the pics with screen readers, but i gather from the comments they’re nice. I don’t know that author either, but i think i heard about anonymous girls somewhere in the wp feed.


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