Whoopsie…I Forgot To Blog Yesterday?

I love my Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging schedule…it’s days on and days off…it gives me time to think about what I want to say.  I have time to gather pictures and compose my thoughts!  I love composing thoughts!

Here are my composed thoughts about what I am reading…

So far this week I have finished the first two books…both were extremely awesome…I have started Rush…Southern, sorority, and I am getting a feeling of strong black women working in this house and befriending these girls…but I have barely started this book.

More composed thoughts about drapes…

So…Den successfully installed new rods and my new panels are up…it’s a deeper red than I had before…plus I had fishtail swags before and we both love this new look of drapey panels.  Hurray for Den!

I thought that I had our food plan for this week all worked out but Den had a golf tournament yesterday and was really late and had a late lunch so we really just had an extremely large baked potato for dinner…extremely  large.  Den topped his with Trader Joe’s chili soup.  I topped mine with yogurt and butter!  Yum!  Today we are scheduled to have chicken meatballs in the slow cooker over polenta…but the problem with dinner planning is that sometimes I get out of the mood for my plan.

Now I am more hungry for sautéed trout and sautéed zucchini…I think!  Why trout?  Not exactly sure why!  Oh…yeah…I know why…I watched Gordon Ramsey cook it on TV yesterday!  Yum!

Starting with last Monday when our shower thing fell apart we have had weird commitments on a daily basis.  But…they finally stopped today…so we are trying to decide what to do with our day.  Movie?  A visit to this antique barn to look for a distressed white dresser?  SIW for local vegetables?  Hill’s for fresh fish?  I can’t decide!  Lunch at The Whip…which was flooded last week…and The Whip is near the peely white dresser place…but I am not sure yet.

Off to compose more thoughts!


10 thoughts on “Whoopsie…I Forgot To Blog Yesterday?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the new drapes…and the idea of looking for distressed white dressers. I love that look, and have a few items like that.

    I enjoy having just a baked potato for dinner…with interesting toppings.

    Have a great day!


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