I Love The Weekend!

I am really doing some random reading today but my main book is this one!  It’s so good.  Sororities, mothers who are too involved in sororities, mothers spending money they don’t have to decorate dorm rooms in a palatial manner…it’s funny, it’s fascinating and I really love this book!


But loving this book has not stopped me from peeking into these books…sigh!  Yep…I have peeked into all of these.   Kind of long peeks, too!

Plus…this free week of Acorn TV is seriously messing with me.  I am watching M.C.Beaton’s Agatha Raisin books done in a series…I have watched three and they are so good.  Now I am watching Vera…another DCI who lives in the country who drives an old Range Rover, calls everyone Love and solves every murder that comes her way!  And there are so many more!

We just had a sushi lunch brought home by Den.  He went out and about this morning to get his clubs fixed…take Lucy for fluids and cold laser on her leg, drop her off at home, zip out to get halibut and zucchini for dinner and our Friday night cake…chocolate for me and celebration for him.  Thank you, Weggieman’s!  Only Den’s has lots of icing flowers on it!  I might have tasted one or two!

A Cup Of Jo had these awesome salmon sandwiches on her blog the other day…these are for Sunday night while Big Brother is on…we might need more cake?


Lately I think Lucy Grace is getting more spa time than I am!  But as long as it relaxes her and Roxie Blue…and I think it does…let the spa treatments continue!


Have a lovely weekend!


14 thoughts on “I Love The Weekend!

  1. DEZZY says:

    Once Upon a River has such a lovely cover, reminds me a bit of UK covers for Bear and the Nightingale that I translated last year.
    I was wondering recently where has Brenda Blethyn gone too, is she still doing Vera?


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