It’s A Chilly Monday…Plus…Now It’s Tuesday…

We are supposed to get hit by that hurricane…more rain…more wind…more weird weather.  My sister Paula just left today and I am very sad.  Den is very sad.  Roxie is very very sad.  Roxie sticks with Paula until Paula gently puts her out of her room when we all go to bed.  She sticks with Paula when she reads or knits.  She follows Paula into her bathroom and tries to play with all of her toiletries!  I am thankful that Paula is very tolerant of Roxie.  One side of our kitchen table has a bench rather than chairs so if Paula sits there Roxie sits on the bench right next to her.  Roxie loves Paula!

I am reading this…so good I can’t stand it!  But at first I thought it was normal…just a normal mystery but now it’s starting to get just a little…well really a lot weird.


I am also reading this and it’s lovely…


I am a little tired and my CA 125 count went up and I have to have a PET scan tomorrow…which I am of course freaking out about.  My sister Paula literally was at the front door just as we came in from the oncologist…so I literally just hung onto her and cried.  This stuff has made me prone to anxiety and panic attacks.  So…this news is hard for me.  My oncologist says that Ovarian Cancer is chronic…you just fight it and fight it and fight it.  My sister has a cousin in law…that I know from when we were all younger…who is going through the same thing.  We knew of each other and OC but we had never talked.  I called her and we talked and she was an amazing source of strength for me.  Where I have retreated and withdrawn…she has attacked life.  She hits it hard!  I can learn from Mary Beth but I felt good just talking to her.  Thank you so much Mary Beth!   Plus my brother Jim talked me through everything that happens during a PET scan…I love my brother Jim!  He tells me to listen to Dr. Costello and be strong!  And Den…OMG…what would I ever do without his strength?

You all need to have a great day!



14 thoughts on “It’s A Chilly Monday…Plus…Now It’s Tuesday…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I am so glad you had a wonderful visit with Paula…and have found new sources of strength in your fight against that persistent OC. You have been developing your strength these past two years…and will find more of it as you power on.

    I am glad you have your wonderful Den, too.

    Enjoy those books, and thanks for sharing. I haven’t read Stephen King in a while…my last one was his time travel book 11/22/63. I loved it! And I read another time travel book yesterday, from Diane Chamberlain (The Dream Daughter). I’m hooked, now.


  2. BermudaOnion says:

    I’m so thankful for Den and Paula too. I know you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for as well. What you’re going through’s not easy but I know you cant do it with the help of your doctors.

    My sister read The Dinner List and texted me right away, telling me to read it soon.

    I’ll be praying for you tomorrow.


  3. Mary says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you can talk to Mary Beth (also my name, by the way). Just knowing she knows what you’re going through has to be such a good thing. Sounds like the MD gave you some good words – just fight it and fight it. You’re doing it! TG for your support system, above all Den.


  4. Liz crum says:

    Sending prayers your way. Those blood counts can fluctuate and still mean everything is ok. Don’t panic. I have had a PET scan already. It’s really no big deal, and it was quick. You have been through much, much worse. You can do this!!!! You have already done much more than you ever thought you could. You are a fighter! stay strong!!! You’ve got this!!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😄❤️


  5. Kathryn says:

    Have been thinking of you. Was doing the dishes the other night and suddenly I think ” I wonder what’s going on for Patty?” Oh your sister’s visit sounds amazing and her cousin in law, such a good idea to reach out to her, she can understand so much we don’t. Poor Roxie, she has to settle for you again!! Oh boy I am staying away from the Stephen King book!


  6. lakesidemusing says:

    Your are lucky to have such wonderful, strong, and supportive people in your life. You are strong, too, even if you sometimes feel like you aren’t. So glad you were able to spend the long weekend with your sister… love how Roxie has attached herself, too.

    My daughter just told me about The Dinner List last night. Guess it’s going on my list now!

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending virtual hugs. You can do it!!


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